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The market for used designer bags is booming! From the classic Chanel flap bag to the expensive Hermès handbags
– Luxury items are highly sought after by fashionistas. The valuable parts are often created with great attention to detail and a lot of manual work. Of course, it is clear that women have to sacrifice something for it. A Chanel bag, for example, costs up to 6,000 euros.

In this article, you will find out where to buy used designer bags and what to look out for. We have also collected the best addresses and tips for you!

Tips for buying used designer bags

Many fashionistas dream of a Chanel bag, a Louis Vuitton or a Fendi baguette. Used designer bags are affordable and do not lose their value. Some see the bags as an investment, where an investment can definitely pay off.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

1st tip: optics and price

Check the current average price before you buy. Look carefully at the pictures and read the description carefully. In this way, you can better assess the condition of the bag. Don’t be afraid to ask if some details are not clear to you.

2nd tip: Classic branding features

When buying, be aware of the traditional features that make up the designer label. With a Chanel bag, it would be the chain strap, the CC logo or the familiar quilted pattern. You will enjoy bags with classic details for longer, and the value will also last better.

3rd tip: Invest a lot of time

It pays to invest time when buying used. Your desired favorite model may not be anywhere today, but it may look very different in a few days.

Which designer bags are worth buying used?

Bags from Chanel or Hermés are particularly popular. They are also considered a long-term investment. It also depends on the right choice of model – classics such as the Chanel Flap Bag or the Hermés Birkin Bag are considered particularly lucrative. According to Business Insider, these are particularly easy to resell.

The retail value of the Louis Vuitton Pochette Mini
has increased by 30 percent in 2021, e.g. With this bag, a purchase will probably pay off big.

Also interesting is the iconic baguette bag from Fendi, which mainly owes its popularity to the “Sex and The City” series. It is usually a bit cheaper than other vintage designer bags. The baguette also brought smaller handbags with short handles back into fashion in the 90s and 20 years later it has become very popular again as a used designer bag!

The best addresses and online stores for used designer bags

Due to the increasing popularity of used designer bags, there are many ways to buy them. You can sell or buy designer bags on various platforms such as willhaben.

But there are now many online stores
who specialize in it and check the goods accordingly, or many small shops that offer the coveted luxury goods. Whether you prefer to browse online or in store – we have collected some good addresses for you.

The best addresses in Austria for used designer bags

Buy used designer bags online

Check luxury used bags for authenticity

Depending on where you bought your used designer bag, you can also examine it yourself. Here are a few details to be aware of.

Nice stitching and lining

With an original, the lining is nice and nicely worked and always lies flat and nice. With fakes, the lining is often made of very soft, cheap material and folds.

The seams on an original are clean and straight.
In contrast, fakes are often stitched askew and line embossing is poorly printed. Protruding threads, knots or unattractively sewn-in labels are also indications of a fake bag.

Labels, monograms and finishes

Each label has its own distinctive monogram/tag that ties the brand and the story together. At Burberry it is the rider on the horse, the snake head adorns the Versace logo, at Dior it is the well-known script and at Chanel it is the CC logo.

In case of counterfeits, these labels
Even if they are copied, there are usually small details that can be identified, such as spelling mistakes. However, these can also be less visible. Dissolved edges of a printed monogram are also a clear indication that the bag does not come from the hand of a master.

The quality of the brand often says a lot!
Is it frayed, the stitching loose or the logo faded? All this can be an indication that it is not an original designer bag. Because the logo is considered to be an important feature of a brand, therefore quality is usually very important.

Fake bags
also often has a more reflective surface due to cheap and poorly dyed leather.

serial number

These are mostly hidden, meaning you won’t notice them at first glance. Caution is advised when the serial number is placed in a highly visible location.

In addition, the label
which has the serial number on it, is usually also specially attached so that it cannot be removed too easily without damaging the bag. With fake bags, you will often only find the number one way or another.

The last four digits of the serial number on Louis Vuitton bags also indicate the month and year, i.e. when the bag was manufactured. This is an interesting fact, especially when it comes to vintage bags.

How to recognize a fake Louis Vuitton bag – in seconds

Original Louis Vuitton bags usually have the edge cut off at the flowers and not at the LV logo. With fake yes! In addition, the monogram on fakes is often cut off at an angle and poorly sewn. In addition, the light brown leather trim on fakes is usually lighter.

In the case of counterfeits, the material is also often very stiff and usually remains unchanged despite use.

Upside-down monograms cannot be avoided with continuous canvas, such as the Speedy Bag, and are not a sign of plagiarism.

Care and repair of your used designer bags

Limited edition
or highlights from fashion history, collectors can often only buy them used. So it is not surprising that the market for it is booming. The great classics are sometimes no longer in the best condition when they can look back on a few years or more of life history. Of course, it often depends on how well they have been looked after.

On the other hand, such models are often particularly cheap. In the handbag shop Auguste at Steindlgasse 2 in Vienna, used designer bags are given new life!

Franziska Hall repairs all bags with great love for the craft she learned in Florence – from Chanel models to Birkin bags to the beloved shopper from the first holiday in Italy.

What is possible and how much does the repair cost?

In principle, the trained bag maker can fix almost anything – from small scratches in the leather or on the floor, paint and color defects to torn carrying straps and hardware elements.
In the case of the latter, for example, chain straps can be gold-plated if necessary. This work is then carried out by a trained goldsmith.

The entire interior material can also be replaced, or the patina of a vintage bag can be restored.

The price depends on the effort. Small repairs such as worn corners or color defects start at around 80 euros.

Proper care of used designer bags

Especially with expensive vintage models, it makes sense to have them looked after by a professional. The bag is cleaned and the seams are moved if necessary. Finally, the beautiful piece is embedded with a care product and then shines like new again.

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