With this method, you will increase your Bitcoin holdings by 5,000% by the end of 2022

As the bear market continues into the fall, Bitcoin holders watch as the currency falls below the $20,000 threshold. Still, that doesn’t mean crypto owners should abandon digital assets or just sit and wait for prices to rise.

In the current market conditions, some coins are even increasing in value, such as RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project. ArbiSmart is a rapidly growing financial services ecosystem. It offers a number of bear-proof services that have made it a popular choice among crypto investors. According to analysts, RBIS will by the end of the year 30 times the current value rises and climbs even higher in the first quarter of 2023.

The perfect project in a crash

When it comes to making money in cryptocurrencies in a bear market, many of the options are exceptionally risky or require constant market monitoring.

It is different with ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage service. Users can simply deposit money and dlet an algorithm do the work. This converts the deposited funds or cryptos into the native token RBIS and then generates reliable passive profits of up to 45% per year. The exact amount depends on the size of the investment and remains the same regardless of which direction the market moves.

Illustration of the ArbiSmart algorithm – An image from BeInCrypto.com

Crypto arbitrage works by exploiting price differences, known as price inefficiencies. These are short periods when the same coin is traded at different prices on different crypto exchanges at the same time. Inefficiencies occur all the time and under all types of market conditionsand there are numerous reasons, such as B. A difference in trading volume between a major and a minor crypto exchange.

ArbiSmart’s automated system is connected to 35 crypto exchanges, where it tracks hundreds of cryptocurrencies 24/7, looking for temporary inefficiencies. It buys the asset at the lowest bid price and then immediately sells it at the highest bid price to make money on the spread (the difference between the bid and ask price).

Another way ArbiSmart enables profit even in a bear market is through the recently launched interest generating wallet. Users get the same level of interest in both a bull and bear market and earn unbeatable rates of up to 147% on 25 different supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptos and funds remain fully available for free without interest. However, they can also be held in savings schemes for one month, three months, two years, three years or five years against interest. The longer the economy is blocked, the higher the return. The interest, which is paid daily, can also be transferred to an available balance or added to blocked savings, where it is earned at a higher rate.

The long-term savings plans for ArbiSmart crypto wallet visualized.
Savings with ArbiSmart with blocked funds – an image from BeInCrypto.com

The exact amount of interest a wallet holder earns depends on their account balance, which is determined by how much RBIS they own. The more native tokens, the higher the ratewhich is added to your balance in all supported currencies from BTC and ETH to EUR and USD.

Wallet owners can open a savings plan in RBISto get a three times higher interest rate than plans in all other currencies. However, if you wish to keep your savings plan in a preferred currency without converting it to RBIS, you can do so and still increase your returns by choosing to receive daily interest in RBIS.

Major expansion efforts

The ArbiSmart ecosystem is in the middle of a massive growth spurt, which began rolling out the new wallet in July. At the end of 3. quarter, the development team will launch a mobile application for buying, exchanging and storing digital assets. Almost immediately after this, a DeFi protocol will be released that differs from all other protocols available today as it contains unique features.

The protocol allows dividend farmers to lend money and provide liquidity for rewards. These include e.g up to 190,000% APY plus 0.3% in fees for each transaction (no typos).

In Q4, the team will also release a marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and an exclusive ArbiSmart collection of unique digital artwork. This is followed shortly after by the launch of a crypto exchange as well as a play-to-earn metaverse where users can buy, farm and sell virtual properties to earn money.

ArbiSmart's NFT project.
ArbiSmart NFTs and other digital art projects – an image from BeInCrypto.com

A wide range of new ArbiSmart services will soon be introduced in rapid succession. It offers a variety of new potential revenue streams, from dividend breeding and NFT investing to trading and pay-to-win gaming.

All these new services will be connected, which means that the use of one service in return ensures better conditions for the use of another service. For example, by purchasing an ArbiSmart NFT, a yield farmer benefits from a digital investment. The yield farmer can also increase his score in the DeFi protocol and thus increase his APY (Annual Percentage yield).

200% increase in value in just 2 weeks

The value of the RBIS token has already been in the last two weeks increased by more than 200% and continues to rise at a rapid pace. This is largely due to the ever-increasing demand for the token.

All ArbiSmart ecosystem services require the use of the RBIS token. With the increasing popularity of the crypto arbitrage system, token usage will increase. Other factors are good protection against falling prices and the growing dynamism of new wallets.

Since its launch in July this year, the wallet has gained a lot of traction. As more people invest RBIS in long-term, closed-end savings schemes and thus Retire RBIS, the offer still available will be reduced. Demand will therefore continue to increase with the launch of the many RBIS services planned for this winter.

RBIS Long Term Savings Plans – an image from BeInCrypto.com

The token supply is limited, meaning there is a clear limit to the amount that can be generated. This cannot be increased later. So when the growing demand for tokens meets the falling supply, the RBIS price will skyrocket. This then means profits for RBIS holders due to the increasing value of the token. As predicted by analysts, RBIS has done very well so far. For anyone interested in the project, now is the right timeto get in before the token becomes prohibitive.

Crypto investors who want to make money with their Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, even in a bear market, can start opening a wallet today!

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