Good framework conditions for children and young people in Brandenburg

The budget proposal for 2023 and 2024 from the Brandenburg Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MBJS) can again be expanded in important areas in relation to the 2022 budget year.



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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the state of Brandenburg

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This will implement the coalition agreement’s key projects in the areas of education, youth and sport and respond to current challenges.

  • With 185 permanent additional positions the targeted extra support for school children is also secured in the coming years. A total of 250 digits can better support multiprofessional teams in schools in socially challenging situations.
  • Of Kita staff key is – as announced – lowered to 1:4 in nurseries and all parents of day care children (3 to 6 years old). exempt from parental payment.
  • The implementation of the reform of SGB VIII ensures better framework conditions, especially within child and youth welfare.
  • The additional need in MBJS for consequences of admission, financing and Integration of Ukrainian children and youth especially in day care centers and schools.
  • that general conditions for sports is secured.

Good daycare (nursery, daycare, after-school) – and relief for parents
For the expenses in the childcare area in 2023 and 2024, the draft will overall represent significant 681.9 million euros or. 744.3 million euros estimated. Compared to the current budget for 2022, this corresponds to an increase of 60.6 million euros in 2023 and a further 62.4 million euros in 2024.

With the entry into force of significant parts of the Child and Youth Empowerment Act (KJSG) on 10 June 2021 (the SGB VIII reform), both the state and the local providers of public youth welfare have been given new and expanded tasks. Additional funds are earmarked for the state’s tasks – as the supra-local provider of public youth welfare – in particular to strengthen the idea of ​​inclusion and enforce young people’s rights and legal claims (ombudsman offices) in child and youth welfare. Around €1 million is estimated for 2023, around €1.2 million for 2024, rising to around €1.5 million in the financial planning period. To the extent that the state must compensate the local youth welfare organizations in accordance with Article 97, paragraph 3, in the state constitution, together with section 25, subsection AGKJHG), these for 2023 including an amount for additional payments for the years 2021 and 2022 are around 14 million euros and for 2024 around 10 million euros. In the financial planning period, this provisionally estimated amount will increase to around 19 million euros.


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