Children learn languages ​​inclusively in Bremt – Schopfheim

Daycare institution Bremt has for some time been a “language daycare center” and enables language acquisition on many levels.

(BZ). The Bremt daycare center in Schopfheim has been a “language daycare center” for a year – this is announced by the city of Schopfheim in a press release. Since May 2021, the Bremt daycare center has participated in the federal program “Language daycare centers: because language is the key to the world” under the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and is supported by an additional specialist with expertise in language teaching. Language skills open up equal educational opportunities for all children right from the start.

Together, the team at Bremt daycare center looks back on an exciting year and gives an insight into the linguistic daycare work: First, the educators dealt with various questions regarding the topic of linguistic inclusion: What does the daycare center already pay attention to. inclusive education in practice? Where are the children in the daycare? Where does diversity become visible to children? And where do children in day care decide for themselves or together as a group? It turned out that inclusive pedagogy is already very present in everyday pedagogy – at all levels, the announcement reads.

The educational professionals made it their mission to design the learning environment in such a way that it gives children a positive response to themselves, their families and family cultures. This included the biased selection of picture books. All children and families have access to picture books by regularly borrowing the book backpack and book case. Because reading aloud together lays the foundation for reading pleasure and reading competence and also strengthens the children’s linguistic and emotional development, the city quotes from scientific results. The day care team also dealt with the quality of interaction, multilingualism and second language acquisition.

Exchange, reflection and the connection to the practical work with the child are an integral part of the day-to-day care. This means child-friendly language teaching, where children act and test themselves, use the diversity of the language. The prerequisite for this is educational specialists “as sensitive and language-stimulating dialogue partners” and spaces that create the opportunity to talk. In addition, the daycare started to send emails to the families via the info app. With the translation function in more than 20 languages, language and participation barriers are broken down.

The inclusive attitude in working with families is evident in all areas. Differences are perceived as enrichment. Kerstin Kaiser is an additional specialist for “language daycare centers” at the Bremt daycare center. She supports the educators in the daycare in the further development of the educational work, also through quality rounds and workshops in the team.

Fixed qualifications through specialist advice and network meetings with other language day care institutions are another part of the language day care institution’s tandem, in which Kerstin Kaiser and day care institution manager Jasmin Knupfer participate. “Since the language daycare is not an additional educational offer, but a consistent principle for educational work in all areas of education, all children in the daycare benefit from it,” Kerstin Kaiser is quoted as saying in the announcement. In the coming months, the team will delve even deeper into the issues of observation, documentation and funding planning. Image-based communication, Metacom, becomes an important milestone.

In July, however, the federal cabinet canceled funding for the federal program. The team at day care center Bremt is already looking for alternative options.

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