Bitcoin: First the crash, then the bull run? This is how high BTC can go now

Bitcoin took a dive after the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates. However, top analysts see a silver lining. Find out how the Bitcoin price may proceed in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin: Top analysts are confident that the low will soon be followed by a high.


Bitcoin is threatened with further corrections in the coming weeks. However, several top analysts already see light at the end of the tunnel and reveal how the number 1 cryptocurrency will continue in the medium and long term.

Will bitcoin rise again?

Bitcoin and the crypto markets are currently experiencing wild ups and downs again: Just a few days ago, Bitcoin faced an intense price drop – now the cryptocurrency has surprisingly caught up in the last 24 hours, gaining around 3% (data from ). The possible reason: the announcement by the Bank of England that it intends to take certain measures to alleviate the lack of liquidity in the government bond market.

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