Grapes on Chain NFT community that creates its own wine

Grapes on Chain NFT community that creates its own wine, organizes events, tastings and talks with renowned speakers from the wine and technology industries

Please introduce yourself and the startup Grapes on Chain to our readers!

The Grapes on Chain project is an NFT community project that connects two worlds. Wine lovers and technology enthusiasts both get something for their money, because together with our NFT community we create our own wine, organize events, tastings and hold lectures with recognized speakers from the wine and tech industry. All in all, Grapes on Chain offers an entertaining and worth knowing added value, exclusively for their community.

Why did you decide to start a business?

The idea of ​​Grapes on Chain is based on using innovative technologies for a rather conservative industry. The NFT start-up FUTUR3! and that the founders of the organic wine brand Messing Weine have come together to share their experiences from two industries and build a bridge from them. Good wine should always be drunk in good company anyway, so why not create a community that creates its own wine and enjoys it together? All said and done!

What is the vision behind Grapes on Chain?

Building a community of 555 tekkies and wine lovers who connect, share and have fun at our events.

From idea to start, what have been the biggest challenges so far and how did you fund yourself?

The biggest challenge lies in addressing the target group. Ultimately, we are trying to connect two target groups. For the wine lover, an NFT can be a completely unknown concept. For the technology enthusiast, wine is an emotionless consumer good. So how do we convince the two groups for our project? This can only be achieved with differentiated communication on different channels and with different means of communication.

Who is the target audience for Grapes on Chain?

As mentioned before, we define two groups as the overall target group. On the one hand, there are young tech enthusiasts who have already dealt a lot with blockchain technology, and on the other hand, there are pleasure-loving and lifestyle-oriented millennials.

How does Grapes on Chain work? What are the benefits? What sets you apart from other providers?

We have leased our own vineyard in Lieser on the Middle Mosel to ensure good conditions for our wine. In this connection, we use a steep slope from which excellent and terroir-driven Rieslings have been produced for over 70 years. When it comes to wine production, we trust time, so we can guarantee a result of high quality and a long shelf life. The wine comes home to our NFT holders with the personal NFT design, individually labeled and already ready to drink.

The community then has the opportunity to access an evaluation portal via their NFT, where we get concrete feedback on various parameters. After that, we try as far as possible to take into account the feedback for the next vintage and adapt the wine as much as we can from an ecological point of view. In addition, the members of our community do not only receive physical added value in the form of high-quality wine glasses and individual wines. We plan exclusive events for each year such as tastings, parties and speaker events that are only possible for our community. We want to create a unique ecosystem that has not existed before.

Grapes on Chain, where are you going? Where do you see yourself in five years?

The concept is initially designed for three years. We will see how Grapes on Chain develops and how the community accepts our project and then decide if we can make it an exclusive and tradable asset in the long term.

In any case, the corresponding value is already three times the cost of NFT.

Finally: What 3 tips would you give to potential founders?

– ambition

– motivating

– Flexibility when adapting certain structures

We would like to thank Raphael Schmidt for the interview

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