While bitcoin crashed this month, this coin rose 300%!

It can be difficult to decide what to do with your bitcoin if prices continue to fall. Many believe that the tide will eventually turn and if held out long enough, BTC will soar to new heights. The only problem with this is that while you wait for a market rally, your BTC just sit there and do nothing.

An increasingly popular answer to this is ArbiSmart (RBIS), which is up over 100% in the last week and continues to show steady gains as the rest of the market declines.

The EU-approved project protects against volatility in the crypto market, allowing you to keep and use your bitcoin to generate unparalleled profits, regardless of which direction the market moves.

A shield against falling prices

The ArbiSmart ecosystem offers a variety of ways to grow your bitcoin regardless of market trends.

First, ArbiSmart launched its interest-bearing wallet this summer, which supports a huge list of FIAT and cryptocurrencies, from BTC, EUR and GBP to BTC, ETH, COMP, APE, SHIB and many others. The wallet provides the same consistent returns in both downturns and booms, generating industry-high rates of up to 147%.

ArbiSmart Wallet Cover – An image from BeInCrypto.com

As a crypto owner, you can store your cryptos safely and for free, but withdraw them at any time, or you can lock up your funds in an interest-bearing savings account. You can choose between short-term schemes with a term of 1 or 3 months and long-term schemes with a term of 2, 3 or 5 years.

The longer the money is tied up, the higher the profit, which is also affected by the type of daily interest income. The interest can be transferred to a balance or it can be added to the blocked balance for a higher return.

The interest rates are primarily determined by the wallet balance. It depends on how much RBIS is in the wallet. More RBIS means a higher rate of interest on balances in any supported currency.

When the balance is in RBIS, the return is three times higher than other cryptocurrencies. If the wallet holder decides to keep their capital in BTC, ETH or another preferred currency, they can still increase their interest by only receiving the interest in RBIS.

As the new wallet gains traction, more RBIS will inevitably be locked into savings plans for longer periods, leaving general circulation and reducing the token supply. When demand exceeds supply, the RBIS price will increase. This means that RBIS holders will enjoy capital gains from the rising token value in addition to gains from the savings plans.

Another bear-proof RBIS feature that promises to generate the same consistent passive profit in all market conditions is ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage platform. The feature offers high returns of up to 45% per annum depending on the user’s account balance.

ArbiSmart and the possible interest rates with the wallet illustrated with a bear for the current bear market.
ArbiSmart Yield – An image from BeInCrypto.com

Crypto arbitrage is an investment strategy where money is made from price differences between wallets. These temporary price differences are common regardless of which direction the market is moving and are often due to discrepancies in trading volume between major and minor crypto exchanges.

The user simply deposits money, which is automatically converted to RBIS, and then the algorithm does the work. This is integrated with 35 crypto exchanges and tracks hundreds of coins 24/7 to determine price differences. He then buys at the lowest price and sells at the highest to get the best possible profit.

A dynamic, growing ecosystem

The ArbiSmart development team has not gone dormant during this bear market (falling stock market or share price). Rather, ArbiSmart sees itself with rolled up sleeves as the answer for all those who don’t know if they should hold on any longer.

In the next 4 months will be introduced several new RBIS features almost simultaneously. These include a mobile application for storing, exchanging, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. There is also a brand new DeFi protocol that will offer unique gamification features. Liquidity providers are rewarded with 0.3% of fees from each trade plus up to 190,000% annual rate of return (this is not a transposed number or a typo).

This winter, the development team will also launch a marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a unique collection of ArbiSmart NFTs, a crypto exchange and a gaming metaverse where participants can trade digital properties for real profit, buy, develop and sell.

The various services that ArbiSmart offers or offers are illustrated.
ArbiSmarts has many projects on the roadmap – An image from BeInCrypto.com

Each of these new additions to the ArbiSmart ecosystem will require the use of the RBIS token, as will all existing features. As a result, RBIS holders will increase the demand for the original token, in addition to earning income from staking, savings, trading, gaming, NFT investments and arbitrage, further driving the price up and increasing the owners’ capital gains even more.

Crypto with great potential

According to analyst forecasts, RBIS is set to rise to over 40 times its current value by the end of 2022, and the coin is on track to get there.

ArbiSmart wallet as a portfolio alternative – An image from BeInCrypto.com

So far this month, RBIS is already up 300% and there is no sign of this growth stopping. Thus, RBIS is not impressed by the downward trend in the rest of the market.

The wallet has more and more new users. There are also a number of new RBIS features in the pipeline for the coming months. RBIS is definitely a coin to watch in the fall and winter.

To take advantage before the price rises even more, it’s best to open your Arbi Wallet now!

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