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Seat belts save lives. Unfortunately, they are often uncomfortable to wear on long journeys, whether for adults or children. Belt cushions aim to solve this problem. We show the best upholstery for the car in comparison.

Driving without a seat belt is unthinkable. It saves hundreds of lives on the road every day. It is therefore not mandatory to wear the seat belt without reason. However, the seat belt can be a nuisance on long journeys in the car: the constant pressure on the collarbone, neck and shoulder can become very uncomfortable in the long run. Belt cushions provide a remedy. They are simply placed around the belt – often with Velcro – and thus ensure more comfort. We have compared the best belt cushions and explain what you should pay attention to with models for children. This belt pillow from Walser already convinces with a good price-performance ratio.

The best belt cushions in comparison

There are many seat cushions for cars. But which ones are worth buying? A good shoulder pillow should be able to do one thing in particular: offer comfort. It is also important that the protector fits the seat belt without slipping. Experts, on the other hand, advise against larger pads on the belt. These can pose a danger in the event of an accident! These belt cushions are recommended:

Uraqt belt cushion set

The affordable price and simple design of the Uraqt strap pads make them one of our favorites. The black car seat cushions have a memory foam core and a microfiber fabric cover. Two pieces will be delivered. Alternatively to choose: quilted upholstery from Uraqt.

Sparco SPC1207BK seat cushion set

The Sparco seat cushion set is not only comfortable, but also gives the interior a sporty touch. With many designs and colors, including blue and red for a splash of color in the interior, you can find the right accessory for your own car – but all with a large logo from the rally and racing specialist from Italy. This classic black set contains two parts.

Mikafen premium belt cushions

Mikafen’s seat cushions for cars also come in a double pack. The soft velvet surface made of a cotton blend and the foam padding ensure more comfort in the car. The padding is attached with Velcro.

Walser Modulo harness cushion for car

Walser also sells its Modulo shoulder pads in a double pack. In simple black, the high-quality water-repellent polyester cover convinces with a good fit on the car seat belt and, last but not least, an elegant appearance. The price-performance ratio for two pieces is therefore very good.


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Are there belt cushions for children?

There are a number of aftermarket suppliers offering suitable alternatives for children. As soon as the small passengers are old enough for a booster seat, they must also be fastened with the car’s seat belt. Unlike baby carriers and highchairs for small children, the risers do not have a separate harness. But beware: ADAC advises against some products. The triangular cuffs in particular can be dangerous in the event of an accident. As the harness bag changes the position of both the shoulder and lap belts, they are more at the level of the stomach and do not rest on the pelvis, according to the results of the car club’s accessory test for child seats. This can drastically increase the risk of internal damage and create danger instead of safety.


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Larger belt cushions should also be used with caution. The cushion on the seat belt can also slip in the event of an accident and, in the worst case, cause injuries. Therefore, children’s chairs with fixed backrests are recommended. But if you only have one harness seat available, you can also use thinner padding for the smallest, similar to products for adults. These are the best belt cushions for kids:

Liebes von Priebe’s ARTUR belt cushion

Simple, cheap, versatile: the ARTUR harness padding from Liebes von Priebes impresses with its simple design and protects children’s seats with harness guides from being uncomfortable to wear – even for small children. The brand with expertise in pram cushions, baby harness protectors and neck cushions recommends the ARTUR safety harness shoulder pad for children from three years of age. Available in six colors.

Heckbo belt cushion

Heckbo offers children’s belt cushions with different designs at a reasonable price. You can choose between prints with dinosaurs, pirates, forest animals and many more. The belt protectors made of polyester with polyethylene padding are easy to clean and can be quickly attached thanks to the velcro closure. Available individually or in a double pack.

Hauck Smooth Me belt cushions

The Smooth Me belt protector from Hauck is particularly soft and versatile. The surface made of anthracite gray microfiber material on one side and white cotton on the other ensures a comfortable fit. The upholstery can be used on both sides and can also be machine washed. Suitable for car belts, baby carriers or prams.


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How are belt pads applied?

Installation is very easy for the vast majority of products. The pads are attached around the belt with Velcro or press studs. Only the right height should be considered. For the harness protectors to develop to their full potential, they should rest on the shoulder and neck. Important: The upholstery must not slide on its own! However, most seat belt protectors are tight enough to prevent this. In addition, most of them fit standard seat belts in modern cars.

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Do seat belts increase safety?

A seat belt protector by itself does not increase safety on board. It is therefore all the more important that the padding does not weaken the effect of seat belts and airbags. If the seat cushion is attached correctly, it does not affect the safety of the passengers. However, the pad is worn with the flat side against the body so that the seat belt retention system can function properly in an emergency. However, larger pads on the belt should be avoided for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, a seat belt triangle for children can be a safety hazard! By changing the way the harness is routed through the pockets, the pressure can act on the abdominal area and thus internal organs instead of the stable pelvis. The consequences can be serious injuries and bruises. In addition, use can also be classified as a modification of the harness, which is punishable by a fine. Because the belt is routed through the cuff, it does not function as required by the operating permit.


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Can you make belt cushions yourself?

If you have manual skills and sewing experience, you can also make your own belt protectors with very few materials. All you need is fabric or scraps, a suitable lining – such as volume fleece – and snaps and tools. The fabric and lining are measured, cut and then sewn into a bag. The snaps must then only be attached to the opposite sides, so that the bag can be placed around the seat belt like a tube. And the belt cushion is finished. Exact instructions and suitable patterns can quickly be found on the Internet. With the do-it-yourself shoulder pillow, you can also decide how soft the pillow should be.

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