Cute craft ideas for kids for a creative activity in the fall

Autumn is the ideal time to be creative and use nature’s materials for various craft projects. Crafts with natural materials are particularly popular with children and are perfect for schools and kindergartens. Since the chestnuts are just falling out of their trees, in this article we have collected a few ideas on how to make a chestnut hedgehog with children!

Make a simple hedgehog with a chestnut and a white pencil

During a walk in the park or in the forest, you can collect lots of good materials and use them for interesting craft projects. Chestnuts are one of the little ones’ favorite natural materials because they look like little balls and offer many different ways to have fun. The little brown balls are also perfect for crafts!

A super cute but very simple idea would be to turn the chestnut into a cute hedgehog by drawing a face and spines on it with pencils. Draw the face on the lighter area with black pencil and the spikes on the brown part with white pencil. Alternatively, you can use a thin brush and white and black acrylic paint. You can make a whole family of hedgehogs from several chestnuts of different sizes.

Autumn craft ideas for the kindergarten

Make yourself a cute chestnut animal

The following ideas are perfect for kids ages 3 and up! A hedgehog’s most important feature is its spines, and what better way to do that than with some toothpicks? You can simply stick these into the chestnut or attach them with super glue. Since each chestnut is different, the first thing you need to do is place it on the table so that it remains upright, and then identify the front and back.

Hedgehog crafts with children from chestnut and toothpicks

If you are looking for ideas for crafts only from natural materials, instead of toothpicks, you can take needles from a coniferous tree. However, these cannot be attached to the chestnut as easily as the sticks, but they can reproduce the spikes just as well.

Make mini hedgehogs out of chestnut and brown pipe cleaners

Another idea that the little ones will love is this little hedgehog with clever eyes and fluffy pipe cleaner spikes. Easy to make and fun to play with, the little hedgehog will spark your child’s imagination and provide hours of fun.

Make hedgehogs from chestnuts, plasticine and spaghetti

Hedgehog made of plasticine, chestnuts and spaghetti

If there are any broken spaghetti left at the bottom of the bag, don’t throw them away, save them for fun craft projects! If your child likes to play with models, you can use the craft materials to make a hedgehog like the picture above. This project is also good for toddlers because it is very easy and fun. The child simply takes a piece of play dough and wraps it around the chestnut. One part must be left open to paint the face. Then comes the fun part: the child sticks the broken spaghetti into the clay to make the spikes.

Use chestnut and shell for crafts

Crafts with children with modeling wax and natural materials

The dried chestnut shell is also great for making hedgehog backs. You can just stick half the shell on the chestnut and the task is half done. Use some models to shape the hedgehog’s pointed nose and finally add the eyes and mouth. You can decorate the windowsill in the children’s room or in the nursery with these cute little animals.

Craft template for hedgehog made of cardboard and natural materials

Craft ideas for kindergarten animals made from cardboard and natural materials

To help your child practice their cutting and gluing skills, try this fall hedgehog craft project. For this you need cardboard, glue and chestnuts, as well as a craft template, which we have provided for free below. The chestnuts in this craft represent the spines of the hedgehog and can be replaced with walnuts, pine cones or any other material of your choice.

Free printable hedgehog craft template

Print out the template and cut it out. Place the paper hedgehog on a piece of cardboard and trace it. Cut the hedgehog out of cardboard and draw the face. Then glue the chestnuts to the cardboard to complete the hedgehog.

A craft project for school children: Large hedgehog made of decorative pumpkins and chestnuts

Large hedgehog craft idea from natural material

If your school child is making a fall project from natural materials, this cute hedgehog might inspire you! For this project you will need a small ornamental pumpkin with a pointed end, 20-30 chestnuts, wooden skewers and other natural decoration materials such as B. a small apple and sea buckthorn berry. To glue the chestnuts to the pumpkin, you can also use super glue or regular craft glue.

Would you like to decorate your home with the collected chestnuts? So take a look at our DIY projects for adults and conjure up a beautiful autumn decoration yourself from natural materials!

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