This is why Goldman Sachs is buying Allianz shares and Munich Re shares!

If she allianceshare (WKN: 840400) and that of Munich Re (WKN: 843002) are attractive, anyone can answer that for themselves. What we can say: The two DAX insurance companies convince with certain qualities. A favorable valuation, a strong dividend and much more. But of course you must have a soft spot for the insurance industry.

The Great American Bank Goldman Sachs have now probably bought in on a larger scale, which is quite interesting. Especially since the US bank apparently has no strategic interest in the holdings itself. How does it add up? Let’s look at the details.

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Goldman Sachs: That’s why investments in Allianz & Munich Re!

As reported by Handelsblatt, among others, Goldman Sachs has increased its shares in Allianz and Munich Re. At the end of the week, the direct insurance company should have 0.48% of the shares outstanding. On the other hand, 4.88% of the voting rights are owned via swaps and the like, which is not a small amount.

The picture tends not to be different for Munich Re shares. 0.51% was apparently processed through outright share purchases. With the other financial instruments, there is an ownership stake of 4.89%. The values ​​for both DAX insurance companies are just below the 5% limit.

However, Goldman Sachs, as it continues to say, has no strategic interest in the two DAX insurers. The share packages and investments were probably received due to customer interests. Translated, this means that the big bank is buying Allianz and Munich Re because larger investors are apparently interested in participating.

… and what does that mean now?!

What that means for Allianz and Munich Re shares is, of course, another question. Ultimately, this seems to dampen interest in many cases, at least in perception. My thoughts are more that some investor is currently interested in the two DAX stocks and is buying them on a large scale.

Why not? Both Munich Re with a P/E ratio of just over 12, 4.4% dividend and growth prospects and a cheaper valuation, and Allianz shares with an adjusted P/E of under 10 and over 6% dividend are cheap. . In addition, the market tends to give more weight to the value stocks that can benefit from rising interest rates.

It could therefore be legitimate interests behind the purchases. Or those that nevertheless show that there are investors who currently find Allianz and Munich Re attractive. As I said: why not for the purposes of these key figures.

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Vincent owns shares in Allianz and Munich Re. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Goldman Sachs.

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