Smart washing machine – what can it do?

What is a smart washing machine?

A smart washing machine has functions for which it was designed use in smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT). As such, they are equipped with sensors, software and other technology that allow them to be connected to other devices.

● The washing machine can thus be controlled via e.g. an app.

● Other options allow full or partial automation of processes.

The exact range of functions differs from model to model. If you are interested in a smart washing machine, you will get good information online because it for example via Stiftung Warentest or tested at will. On their websites we find instructions, test reports and practical comparisons.

What is the Internet of Things?

“The Internet of Things” is a collective term. He describes technologies that make it possible to network both physical and virtual objects with each other.

This can include many things:

● A common example is GPS trackers for smartphones, so we can track their location if we lose them.

● More complex variants are, for example, sophisticated systems consisting of sensors, machines and artificial intelligence, which can automatically control and optimize production processes in industry.

For private individuals, IoT is relevant in relation to practical everyday helpers. We use it daily through many apps and devices. IoT is particularly important as a basis for building a smart home.

➔ IoT technologies can be used to connect different devices in our living spaces so that they can be controlled centrally via WiFi and end devices such as tablets and smartphones. It also enables remote control on the go as long as an internet connection is available.

What makes smart washing machines special?

The key function of a smart washing machine is the possibility of connecting them to WiFi. We also get an app so we can carry out checks, fault diagnosis and other settings with a smartphone or tablet.

In addition, smart washing machines have the usual functionalities of modern washing machine models, with different speeds, water consumption, designs, etc. depending on the manufacturer and model.

What intelligent functions do smart washing machines have?

With the app, we can take control of the washing machine. These include, for example:

● Start, pause and end wash cycles

● Monitoring of the washing time

● Help with program selection

● Fault diagnosis in the event of a fault

● The remote control for these things on the go

● Receiving SMS or push messages as live updates

The technology of the washing machine itself is also modern. You usually have that a touch display and sensors, which, for example, can automatically calculate the optimal amount of detergent for a load.

With these machines, we put cartridges with detergent in the machine. If the filling is emptied, the washing machine can send a reminder to the owner. Depending on the washing machine, you can connect to Amazon’s Alexa and similar technologies automatically reorder detergent cartridges to let.

Alexa also allows us to use the washing machine voice commands to control.

If desired, updates to the washing machine’s software can be performed automatically via the Internet connection regularly optimize machine performance be able to.

Advantages of smart washing machines

Thanks to these functions, we get several advantages that may be worth acquiring:

Wash sustainably and save costs

With smart home devices and their sensors and automations, we can save resources such as detergent, water and electricity. They automatically calculate the correct filling amounts, help with the best program selection and can switch on and off efficiently to optimize power consumption. In addition, the smart machines are equipped with the good energy efficiency of modern technologies.


The performance of the machine can be individually adapted to the user. You specify which quantities of detergent are suitable for special needs and to what extent the machine should send information via messages to our mobile phones.

With some models, you can design individualized washing programs or download additional programs from the Internet.

daily support

The smart washing machine does the work for us. With it, we don’t have to wait to turn a wash cycle on or off when we get home. We don’t have to waste energy checking the amount of detergent and reordering ourselves. She also finds the right washing program for us for the best result.

Support and updates

Machine performance can still be increased thanks to upgrades even after purchase. We can also set the machine to send error messages to the associated customer service, so we don’t have to spend time describing the problem via a hotline or email to get help.


Smart washing machines have intelligent sensors and enable connection to the Internet. We can use smartphones or tablets to control the machine from home or on the go.

The smart machines have many practical functions that make our everyday lives easier. You can suggest the appropriate washing program, calculate the amount of detergent yourself and remind us when the detergent needs to be re-ordered. Thanks to the adaptation of performance and modern energy efficiency, the smart machines are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than other options.

The capabilities of the smart washing machine depend on which specific model you buy. Via test websites, we get an overview of offers and the comparison with comparable machines. This is how we find the best value for money for our needs.


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