Rosacea diary app for patients: new design for easier handling

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A completely updated version of the “Rosacea Diary” smartphone app is now available for rosacea patients. The new app version can now be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store for Android and iPhone. Users who have already installed the first app version should also keep it so that they can access the personal data recorded in it later. The icons are designed differently so that both the old and the new app are easy to find on the home screen.

The free smartphone app “Rosacea Diary” has now got a new, up-to-date look – and thus supports its users even better in managing their chronic skin disease. In addition to an optical revision, the new version offers greater ease of use. Since 2017, the mobile application of the “Active against Rosacea” campaign has enabled those affected to document their skin condition and possible influencing factors quickly and easily anytime, anywhere. In this way, personal risk factors for rosacea flare-ups can be identified and better avoided, which can reduce the severity of the skin disease and improve quality of life. The comprehensive documentation also helps the treating dermatologists with the therapy support for their patients.

Free download of the new app now possible

The smartphone app was originally developed for around ten million rosacea patients in Germany. In the future, the application will be available in different languages ​​in several countries worldwide. The brand new version of the rosacea diary app can now be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store for Android and iPhone. Users who have already installed the first app version can also keep it to later access the personal data recorded in it. The old and the new app have easily distinguishable icons.

Understand triggers better through intuitive “dashboard” with selfie function

Clear, understandable, modern: The updated app has a fresh and up-to-date design, and rosacea patients get an even better and more intuitive user experience. The focus is on the dashboard, where users can see the history of their personal triggers over the past 7 days in the form of a chart. In this way, the development of individual rosacea symptoms can be tracked and triggers identified. The prerequisite for this is daily inputs from the users, such as selfies of the current skin condition, eating habits, weather influences, the skin care used or medications taken. These are shown in different colors in the chart and can be filtered as needed.

Reminder function as well as news and practical tips at a glance

The new rosacea diary app offers even more useful content. With the reminder function, reminders can be set for the daily entries in the digital diary. Users receive a push notification at the set time of day. The app also provides access to practical tips and medical information about chronic skin conditions. These include the Rosas Radio podcast and a news feed for the Active Against Rosacea blog, including updates on rosacea research, medical knowledge, skincare recommendations, recipes and everyday tips. In the “Tips and Tricks” section there are helpful links and a glossary explaining medical terms related to rosacea. In addition, a clear guide shows new users step by step how to use the rosacea diary app.

Important support for discussions with dermatologists

The digital application offers quick and clear support for documenting skin condition, flare-up triggers and therapy. Rosacea patients can thus better recognize which external or internal factors have a positive or negative influence on their skin. A well-kept diary is also an advantage for a visit to the dermatologist: it enables the doctors to understand at a glance which triggers lead to an aggravation of the symptoms of the disease. The records not only help with the diagnosis, but also with the further planning of treatment and advice.

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