Is Disney facing its big crypto for NFT, Metaverse and DeFi?

Although it would not be the first step in that direction, there are some indications that the media giant The Walt Disney Company could be poised for a big move into the Metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) realms.

According to a LinkedIn job ad posted over the weekend, Disney is seeking a transactional attorney to explore new technology opportunities, including NFTs, blockchain, Metaverse and DeFi.

This is an “experienced corporate advisor” who will work in the corporate transaction group within the company’s legal department.

The new employee would

“Work with corporate teams to plan new global emerging technology projects, typically on an accelerated and aggressive schedule.”

Additionally, he/she will provide legal advice and support for global NFT products and will work closely with other Disney attorneys and business stakeholders, including Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, the announcement said.

You must ensure that the NFT Products comply with applicable US and international laws and regulations, as well as,

Assist in performing due diligence for NFT, blockchain, third-party marketplace and cloud provider projects, as well as negotiating and drafting complex agreements for these projects.

In addition, the new associate will provide day-to-day legal advice on crypto-related matters, including reviewing marketing and promotional requirements and evaluating securities law issues related to the promotion and sale of NFTs.

It also appears from the advertisement that the lawyer

Provides thought leadership and strategic guidance on products incorporating digital currencies and blockchain technologies, while providing advice on related legal and regulatory issues.

The individual must have at least 5-8 years of experience in managing and executing complex business transactions, where experience with NFT, Cryptocurrencies and Web 3 is preferred, including knowledge of legal considerations and issues in this area.

Lawyers typically structure transactions, draft documents, negotiate agreements and ensure that the terms of an agreement are clear and unambiguous and will not cause problems for their clients in the future.

Next generation storytelling

As Deadline reports, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke at the D23 Expo fan show earlier this month about the company’s plans for Disney’s Metaverse:

“We call it next-gen storytelling. We tend not to use the M-word too much because it pulls so much hair. But yeah, Disney+ will not only be a platform for movie services, but also a platform for lifestyle experiences. A platform for the entire company to embody both the physical things you can experience in a theme park and the digital experiences you can have through media.”

The CEO briefly addressed the company’s plans to allow everyone, including those unable to visit Disney properties and events, to “experience something similar to a physical experience.” , and mentioned the possible existence of an “experience platform”.

In February of that year, the corporation created a special unit of officers and managers to oversee its movement into the metaverse. It was decided that Mike White, an executive who has worked at Disney for over a decade, would lead the team, which includes senior executives. White has also been named senior vice president of Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences, according to an internal memo.

Disney also launched its own Valentine’s Day NFT offerings this year and hired an NFT expert.

Before that, in November 2021, Chapek told attendees of a quarterly earnings call that in our very own Disney metaverse, “the company would be able to connect the physical and digital worlds even more closely, allowing for limitless storytelling.”

About a month later, the company was granted a US patent for a “virtual world simulator in a real environment.”

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