Crurated is the first member-based blockchain community offering share sales in wine barrels based on NFT technology

The new features allow Crurated members to purchase shares in wine casks with exclusive special bottle formats and labeling

Participating producers with worldwide reputations include Domaine Fourrier, Charles Lachaux, Domaine Robert Groffier, Domaine Vincent Dancer, Domaine De Montille and Domaine Pierre Girardin

LONDON, Sept. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wine futures, also known as a primeur, are a way to buy high-demand wines before they are bottled and released to the market. The member-based blockchain community Crurated takes this concept to a whole new level with new technology that allows for both traceability and customization. The company’s founder, Alfonso de Gaetano, has announced that Crurated members can now buy shares in wine barrels certified via blockchain and NFT technology. This new offering allows members to customize bottle formats and labeling to suit their unique needs.

Crurated launches the sale of shares in wine barrels from producers with a worldwide reputation such as Domaine Fourrier, Charles Lachaux, Domaine Robert Groffier, Domaine Vincent Dancer, Domaine De Montille and Domaine Pierre Girardin, among others.

Crurated also offers curated experiences for the top 10 wine barrel share purchases with the highest retail value. The experience includes a visit to the winemaker, a visit to the winery, a wine farmer’s dinner and other curated events depending on the location.

“Many of our valued customers often request larger sized bottles. It can be difficult to decide how many bottles to fill beyond the traditional magnum size,” said Nicolas Groffier of Domaine Robert Groffier. “Selling portions of wine casks and allowing customers to customize the size of their bottles allows us to determine the exact number of bottle sizes needed at any given time. As such, purchasing through Crurated is now the only way to purchase larger bottle sizes . Domaine Robert Groffier.”

“This new concept fundamentally changes the way rare bottled wines are sold to consumers,” said Alfonso. “Share ownership was established decades ago and is now being brought to the NFT space with digital art. While sharing a Bored Ape may be a one-time use of this technology, it is not entirely exclusive and cannot be enjoyed in isolation “Our concept revolutionizes NFT-enabled ownership by providing provenance traceability to further authenticate the wine. Members can also customize their bottle formats and labels to celebrate their part in real-world uniqueness.”

The current timetable for the sale of shares in barrels of French wine includes:

  • September 26 to October 2: Domaine Fourrier – 2 casks
  • October 3 to October 9: Charles Lachaux – 6 dishes
  • October 10 to October 16: Domaine Vincent Dancer – 1 cask
  • October 17 to October 23: Domaine De Montille – 2 casks
  • October 24 to October 30: Domaine Robert Groffier – 5 casks
  • October 31 to November 6: Domaine Pierre Girardin – 5 casks

About Crurated
Launched in 2021, Crurated, a member-based wine community focused on France and Italy, connects wine lovers directly with winemakers. A team of specialists offers personalized service and authentic experiences, while Crurated’s seamless logistics service guarantees quality and provenance thanks to secure wine cellar storage and innovative blockchain technology. For more information about Crurated, visit

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