These are the 5 most important news of the week

Another exciting week in the crypto space is coming to an end. The most important events around Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. in a moment.

Cardano (ADA): The Vasil upgrade has started

After several delays, the long-awaited hard fork “Vasil” was initiated on Cardano on the night of September 22 after completing the 364th blockchain epoch. Input Output (IOHK), the company behind Cardano, announced a few hours ago via Twitter announced that the mains had been split via the HFC event.

The technology of Hardfork Combinators (HFC) allows the upgrade to continue without interruption. However, the new functions on the blockchain are not yet fully implemented. Only with the start of the 366th epoch on September 27 will the changes made by Vasil be available to everyone.

You can read what the upgrade entails here: Hard fork Vasil is coming – what the upgrade entails

The Fed raises interest rates by 0.75 per cent

The Fed has raised interest rates again. The American central bank announces this in a press release. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell then answered reporters’ questions.

Overall, the central bank raises the interest rate by 0.75 percentage points to 3.25 percent. Experts were already predicting an increase of 0.75 basis points. With the move, the US currency watchdog wants to further curb inflation in the US. Inflation fell in August, but not as much as originally expected.

You can read all additional information in this article: Fight against inflation: Fed raises key interest rate by 0.75 percent.

Craig Wright vs. Hodlonaut: Trial approaches the home stretch

Anonymous Twitter user Hodlonaut’s lawsuit against controversial “faketoshi” Craig Wright ended today in Norway.

The feud between the two began back in 2019 when Twitter user Hodlonaut accused Australian billionaire Wright of being a liar and a cheat. Craig Wright has claimed since 2016 that he is the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The verdict is still pending. Twitter user @bitnorbert reported live from the courtroom: “The trial is now over. A judgment normally takes 14 days, but is not possible in this case. The judge pronounces November 8.”

For more information, see: Last day for trial in Hodlonaut v. Craig Wright case

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Arbitrum: White Hat Hacker protects the project from millions of attacks

Ethereum Layer 2 platform Arbitrum has paid a developer 400 ETH (about $520,000) as a reward for revealing a critical bug in the code. The block reports. In doing so, he saved the network from a potential attack that would have caused more than $250 million in damage.

The bug bounty hunter, known by the pseudonym “0xriptide”, found a vulnerability in the cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and Arbitrum Nitro. As a so-called “white hat” hacker, he then alerted the Arbitrum team instead of using the flaw in the code to his advantage. According to their own statements, the team behind Arbitrum paid him a bounty for this.

Check out this post for more information: Hacker Saves Arbitrum From $250 Million Attack

EU finalizes crypto regulation MiCA

The European Union has finalized the legal text for the MiCA regulation. This is evident from internal documents available to BTC-ECHO. This is the final step towards uniform crypto regulation. Theoretically, individual passages can still be adjusted, but in practice the legal text is through, says an insider to BTC-ECHO.

It has been known for a long time that regulation is on its way. In early July, the representatives of the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council agreed on a uniform approach. The regulation aims to regulate the issuance, distribution and trading of cryptocurrencies.

You can find out what exactly lies behind the new rules here: EU finalizes crypto regulation MiCA

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