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The action alliance Kidical Mass (composed of “Kids” and “Critical Mass”) is committed to ensuring that all children and young people can move independently and above all safely by bike and on foot – in Düsseldorf and everywhere. The demands were formulated in a petition and handed over to Düsseldorf’s head of mobility, Jochen Kral, on Saturday 24 September. Because the city should make full use of its trading options.

The handover to the head of the traffic department in front of the town hall, photo: ADFC Düsseldorf

The current traffic law states that cities and municipalities cannot simply introduce a speed limit of 30 km/h or build wide, structurally separated cycle paths. It is prohibited or only permitted with detailed reasons. Car traffic is preferred. The activists are calling for a child-friendly reform of the traffic law and have therefore started a petition that has already been signed by 84,538 people (as of 25.9.22, at 8). Here is the petition.

In Düsseldorf, the Kidical Fair rolled in May 2022, Ddorf-Aktuell reported.

Initiator Nadja Eilers de Benavides: “We need a safe school cycle path network, traffic-restricted areas in front of schools and daycare centers and much more, so that accidents can be prevented and parents’ taxis become redundant, and children can move. around easily and independently! The echo is fantastic. More than 500 children and parents participated in the first two Kidical Mass bike demos – and currently 1381 Düsseldorfers have signed up for safe bike lanes in our city. It’s a good start and shows how important these issues are to us here.”

In May 2022, almost 150 participants of the Kidical Fair cycled across the city from Inselstraße to Johannes-Rau-Platz

ADFC Düsseldorf supports the campaign. Lerke Tyra, chairman of the cycling association: “The conditions for children to be able to cycle in our city are extremely poor, which was also confirmed in ADFC’s cycling climate test. Three quarters of adults say that children can only cycle alone with a bad feeling or not at all. No wonder, because the infrastructure is made for the car, cycle paths are often too narrow, uneven or non-existent; the view is blocked by parked cars. We are committed to ensuring that everyone between the ages of 8 and 88 can cycle safely through Düsseldorf.”

The city of Düsseldorf is requested to make full use of the existing room for action and thus achieve more child- and bicycle-friendly mobility on site. The current legal situation offers opportunities that could be implemented.

This includes

  • Conversion of car lanes to protected cycle lanes on multi-lane roads
  • Order on temporary bans on the passage of cars in front of schools and daycare centers (“school streets”)
  • Setting up temporary play streets and creating meeting zones
  • Creation of child-safe crossings and traverses
  • Creation of “real” bicycle streets and zones without car traffic
  • Abolition of parking on pavements and utilization of the space obtained for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, for play and meeting zones and greenery

Kidical Fair

The Kidical Mass is a worldwide movement that has also existed in Germany since 2017. Cyclists from 0 to 99 years old conquer the streets with bicycle demonstrations. The focus is on children and sustainable mobility as well as lively cities. The vision for Kidical Mass is to enable all children and young people to cycle safely and independently. Kidical Mass gives children a voice in traffic. It paints a positive picture of the future, connects and mobilizes old and young beyond the borders of the cycling scene.

The action alliance is supported by the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC), Campact, Changing Cities, Clean Cities Campaign, the German Children’s Fund, Greenpeace, Pro Velo Switzerland and Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD). The Kidical Mass action alliance unites more than 250 initiatives and organizations.

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