Humperdinck’s fairytale opera “Sleeping Beauty” in the Philippuskirche

Leipzig. Leipzig is increasingly developing into the land of musical theater media with milk and honey: The season is not yet four weeks old, where the third major project has already taken place, which for and with and sometimes also by children and young people will pass on the magic of the genre in the future. And like “Ikarus und Der Traum vom Ffugen” in MuKo last week and “Future: Now!” on Augustusplatz last weekend, “Sleeping Beauty” on Friday evening in the Philippuskirche am Kanal is also successful.

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Performance of the children’s opera “Sleeping Beauty” in the Philippuskirche.

You can see it quite unmistakably in the children who very happily fill the church room with their parents. You can see it in the audience, who follow the intrigues that Carolin Masur as the evil fairy Demonia hatches with half-opened lips. You can see it in the children’s choir, Schola Cantorum Leipzig, prepared by Bernhard Steiner, whose members perform the arrangements with the same devotion as they sing everything. You finally see and hear the unreserved cheer that erupts after nearly an hour and a half of hand-crafted fairytale magic. There is no doubt that anyone who has witnessed this performance has developed antennae for the most artificial of all art genres, which is simultaneously the most natural and the most emotionally direct.

The charm of the homemade

“Sleeping Beauty” is part of Christiane Brautigam’s meritorious festival “Classic for Children”, whose 17th edition it opens. Opera productions have been there since the beginning. But now they have reached a remarkable seriousness and professionalism.

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Performance of the children's opera Sleeping Beauty in Philippuskirche.

Performance of the children’s opera Sleeping Beauty in Philippuskirche.

The sympathetic charm of the homemade still enhances the scenic side of the event. In her production on Konstanze Neumann Ost’s stage and in Oliver Viehweg’s costumes, Ulrike Zeitz masterfully finds the balance between student theater and trash, enchantment and ironic wrestling. And she makes sure her actors play their hearts out. From Taryn Kerr, who is at the center of the action as Sleeping Beauty, Fairy and Quicksilver, to the truly adorable, hideous and howlingly abysmal Carolin Masur as Demonia, to the solemn gossiping king Stephan Gomolkas, who also set up the game version.

professionals from Lindenau

That’s all fine and right and important. But musical theater for children is achieved through the music. If you don’t take them seriously, you don’t take your audience seriously and can therefore not take them seriously. Because the young people have fine antennas for who actually does what for them. Or whether the assessment is in focus, it doesn’t matter here.

That’s why it’s good that the Musikkomedieorkesret is part of the Classics for Children boat. Because the professionals from Lindenau pick up Christiane Brautigam’s impulses, increase the tempo on their own if there is an urgent need for it, and ensure from the first fairy sound, brazenly stolen from Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, that Brautigam can take care of the singers with their church music. cutlery.

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Mendelssohn-Mozart-Wagner textbook reflexes

Meanwhile, Humperdinck’s textbook Mendelssohn-Mozart-Wagner reflexes are in the best hands with the orchestra, which lets them flourish and sparkle – and doesn’t give a ton to the not unproblematic acoustics of the Philippuskirche and the even more problematic installation with brass. far up the back. It just always sounds nice to very good and is often together.

Performance of the children's opera Sleeping Beauty in Philippuskirche: Carolin Masur as Dæmoni.

Performance of the children’s opera Sleeping Beauty in Philippuskirche: Carolin Masur as Dæmoni.

Before then, soloists can shine with dedication. The wonderfully flexible, yes: mercurial Taryn Kerr and the slim, lithe Ervin Ahmeti (Prince), the deep Marie Luise Dreßen as the fairy Morfina, who had slept through. And this reliable foundation also makes it easy for the enchanting fairy tutti from Montserrat León to float elegantly.

Yes, lovely evening, effective gateway drug – unfortunately only for a single performance. How about Tobias Wolff, if the MuKo Orchestra has already rehearsed the score anyway…?

On 24 September at 15:00 in the reformed church on Tröndlinring: the radio play concert “Alarm about tin robbers’ rascals”, which invites children from the age of 5 to participate, watch or stop the ears. 20.00 there is the popular “Pyjama Concert”, where Plagwitz Ballet School’s children’s ballet and the dance studio collective present “Fairytale Time and Seasons with Antonio Vivaldi”. It will be moderated by Larsen Sechert from Knallteatret. Tickets: box office

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