Kita first excludes children from the joint operation – now parents are excluded from the house

Parents have to wait in the rain for their children to come out

Kita first excludes children from the joint operation – now parents are excluded from the house

Only the future can show whether harmonious coexistence in the daycare is still possible.

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Conditions at the day care center “Nannys Place” in the Berlin district of Lichterfelde (district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf) are assuming ever greater proportions, which may possibly result in an escalation. “BZ” had reported that children were separated from others in the facility because parents did not want to accept a monthly payment that day care management had announced. The latest development is probably not relaxing: the management is said to have banned some parents from the house.

“Mole group” in Berlin daycare for children whose parents do not pay 700 euros

The daycare management had initially announced that all parents would join the daycare’s support association and thus pay 700 euros per month in dues, “BZ” informs. Some parents would not or could not raise this sum. the report goes on to say. Children of the parents who did not want to pay are said to have been looked after in an extra group, the “mole group”. The children were not allowed to participate in activities or day care meals.

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Certain parents are excluded from the house

Now there is probably a new development in the facility, “BZ” reports: Although the above-mentioned group was disbanded after a temporary injunction, and all children have been reunited, the daycare management must now have banned parents who do not want to join the association.

Presumably, measures were initially taken under pressure from the Berlin Senate, which issued the following statement to RTL on September 13, 2022: “We reject the airline’s actions. In this case, a conversation with the carrier took place yesterday immediately after we became aware on it. In it we made it clear that none of the parents can be obliged to pay additional contributions of more than 90 euros or that the separation of children can be tolerated (…).

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The day care management does not provide any information

However, the fact that, according to “BZ”, non-paying parents may no longer go to daycare does not reflect well on the carrier. A father had anonymously told those affected: “They have to wait when it rains until their child is brought out.” The atmosphere in the facility is now tense, and this is now having the first consequences in parenthood.

So two camps were formed of parents who actually wanted their children’s well-being first, but now wanted to work against each other.

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Non-paying parents should get out

With a petition and letters to the Senate, the paying parents want to force the non-paying parents to resign and thereby lose their daycare place, reports “BZ” further. They would receive support from the daycare management.

Despite these disagreements, everyone involved agreed that the day care spaces should be maintained, which would also be in the interest of the Senate administration.

A spokeswoman also confirmed this to the newspaper: “Our concern is not to close the daycare, but to remedy complaints.”

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decision next month

The charges against the day care center are being investigated these days, and a decision should be made in mid-October on how the facility should proceed.

On RTL questions, “Nanny’s Place” did not want to comment. (zero)

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