When design and light interact: LEONHARD KURZ and MENTOR show ground-breaking innovations at K 2022, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG, press release

Surface design and lighting design play a significant role in future mobility. Skillfully staged and harmoniously combined, they give vehicles their own character and always create wow effects. What could be more obvious than to coordinate both components purposefully and thus offer the automotive industry an all-round successful overall concept? The expert in decorative and functional surfaces LEONHARD KURZ and the established manufacturer of light guide systems MENTOR have combined their skills. At K 2022 between October 19 and 26, they will present cutting-edge technologies.

Surface design with real lighting design

Manufacturers from the automotive industry are aware of the problem: if, for example, a black surface is X-rayed, an unwanted greenish tinge sometimes occurs – to give an example of the phenomenon of the so-called color locus shift. This problem is now a thing of the past. On stand A19 in Hall 5, KURZ will use various demonstrators to show off impressive lighting designs developed in collaboration with MENTOR. Thanks to a proven RGB algorithm, company-specific corporate identity colors can be implemented with full color reproduction. Light and surface design merge into an innovative, futuristic design with fantastic effects and a high degree of customization.

Targeted light distribution and dynamic designs

The new process also advances the automotive industry in terms of light distribution. “Unlike conventional processes, the light can be controlled and distributed in a very targeted way and decoupled in the desired shape, color and brightness in the right places,” explains Rainer Süssmann, Head of Business Area Plastic Decoration and Global Sales Director Automotive at KURZ. “Surface decoration and light effects are optimally coordinated. This makes it possible to implement, for example, gradient effects and motifs with different brightness levels – perfect for demanding color lighting applications.”

Dynamic motifs can also be easily realized with the solution developed by KURZ and MENTOR. “With the help of LEDs, which are controlled independently of each other, individual symbols or even entire areas can be illuminated dynamically,” explains Dr. Höner, Head of Light and Electronics Development at MENTOR, and continues: “The special thing about it: the light channel separation eliminates the light scattering effect that would otherwise occur. The light can be targeted and there is an impression of real movement.”

Redefine industry standards together

Together, KURZ and MENTOR ensure leaner production processes. Thanks to the close cooperation between the two experts, on the one hand, new designs can be developed more quickly, and on the other hand, less coordination is required in production. Customers benefit from high efficiency. In addition, both companies have focused on the topic of sustainability and bring well-founded expertise to the table. “Together, we have succeeded in reducing the number of LEDs and the associated power consumption. Thanks to the optimal interaction between surface decoration and light, less paint is also required than before,” explains Rainer Süssmann for KURZ. “We offer our customers a high level of efficiency combined with sustainable added value – or to put it in a nutshell: electronics close to production according to the latest car standard”.

At first glance

K 2022 from 19 to 26 October 2022

Leonhard Kurz Foundation & Co. KG: Hall 5, Stand A19

Product group: machines and equipment for finishing, decoration, printing and labeling

Key areas of LEONHARD KURZ’s presence at the show: automotive interior/exterior, consumer electronics, home appliances, sustainability

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