So she should conquer the heart of the athletes

fIt is a surprise for the friends of the house. Analysts and market observers, on the other hand, see it as a change in strategy. We are talking about the Apple Watch Ultra, which will be available from September 23. We have already tried them. Apple does a lot of things differently with the Ultra. With a height of 49 millimeters, the watch is slightly larger than the Series 7 and the new Series 8, the design immediately reveals it as a sports watch.

The change to a more distinctive look will appeal to those who have had enough of the previous case. The crown and the side button on the right protrude clearly from the body, and on the left side there is, for the first time, another button that can be individually assigned functions. While the display on the previous Apple watches flows smoothly into the outer edge of the housing, the Ultra shows a distinct edge.

But it’s not just a different look. Apple has also upgraded the hardware: The always-on screen is twice as bright as the one in the Series 7 and 8 and reaches up to 2000 nits. The side buttons and crown are larger, making them easier to use with gloves. The watch is better protected against water, even certified as a diving watch, with depths of up to 40 meters.

Siri, how did I sleep?

The satellite receiver has been optimized, a temperature sensor has been added, it measures the skin temperature at night, is not suitable as a clinical thermometer, but can be used to monitor the woman’s cycle. You must wear the watch for at least five nights, after which the nighttime base temperature will be displayed on your wrist. Women are shown a retrospective estimate of ovulation timing. The sleep monitor indicates different sleep phases, which other manufacturers have offered for a long time.

Apple has upgraded the hardware: the always-on screen is twice as bright as the one in Series 7 and 8 and reaches up to 2000 nits.

Apple has upgraded the hardware: the always-on screen is twice as bright as the one in Series 7 and 8 and reaches up to 2000 nits.

Image: Apple

Also new is a built-in 86-decibel siren that can be activated in case of emergency, traffic accident detection, a larger battery with longer operating time and a hands-free system with two speakers and three microphones. While you could already make calls with the older Apple watches, even in the car, background noise is now filtered out more effectively and you will be surprised by the acoustics.

The closest rival is Garmin’s Epix 2

When we put the Ultra into operation, a certain wow effect occurs primarily through the design and the brighter and larger display with 410 x 502 pixels. You can see more content at a glance, the watch becomes a mini smartphone.

As Apple has also significantly expanded the sports functions, we take a comparative look at the Ultra’s toughest and correspondingly expensive rival. This is Garmin’s Epix 2, which also has a bright Amoled display (416 x 416 pixels) in always-on mode. Garmin is a sports watch par excellence, its display is excellent. But Apple’s is even better. This also applies to the build quality and the case. Garmin has a bezel and back made of titanium, the body in the middle is made of fiber reinforced polymer. Ultra, on the other hand, is made entirely of titanium. Both watches use scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Not everyone likes the new bracelets

Old bracelets from previous watches can also be attached to the Ultra. They only look a little small because the watch has gotten bigger. So if you want to do it right, bring a 49mm bracelet from Apple. The three new wristbands are based on specific sports. According to Apple, the Ocean strap is good to wear over a wetsuit. We tried the Alpine Loop made of two layers of fabric. This is secured with a G-hook made of titanium. Our enthusiasm knows no bounds. It is difficult to put on and the visual impression is not very convincing.

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