Düsseldorf Airport: There is a risk of waiting time chaos during the autumn holidays – also in Cologne/Bonn

During the NRW autumn holidays, many people want to fly on holiday. But at the airports in Düsseldorf and Cologne/Bonn there is again a risk of long waiting times.

Düsseldorf/Cologne – The NRW airports hardly have time to breathe. Only a few weeks after the end of the sometimes chaotic summer holidays, the autumn holidays are upon us. From the beginning of October, especially Düsseldorf Airport and Cologne/Bonn Airport will have to adapt to significantly more passengers due to holiday travel. Although the airports are optimistic, there can still be long waiting times. Because there is hardly any movement when it comes to a decisive factor.

  • autumn holiday in NRW: 4 October 2022 to 22 October 2022

Düsseldorf Airport: Continuing personnel problems – long waiting times are expected during the autumn holidays

There were often hours of waiting at Düsseldorf Airport in the summer.

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Not much has changed at Düsseldorf Airport since the end of the summer holidays. “We continue to expect delays in check-in, security checks and baggage handling, particularly during peak periods, until the fall,” a spokesperson told 24RHEIN. This would mean that the assessments of the summer holiday balance at Düsseldorf Airport would continue to apply. The reason: the ongoing shortage of staff at the airlines and the security checks that the federal police are responsible for. For the latter, there are still many cases of illness.

It should become a problem again, simply because Düsseldorf Airport expects a total of around 861,000 passengers during the autumn holidays Cologne City Gazette reported. Compared to that, it is roughly the same as in the summer (a total of 2.8 million).

After the end of the summer holidays, the situation at Düsseldorf Airport had improved significantly. Current wait times are “in no way” comparable to those in the summer, a federal police spokesman said when asked. The maximum values ​​at Düsseldorf Airport were recently 45 minutes.

Düsseldorf Airport: There is a risk of waiting time chaos during the autumn holidays – the airport will do that

To prevent renewed chaos at Düsseldorf Airport during the NRW autumn holidays, the security service providers would continue to look for staff. However, this is “hard to find”. Whether there will ultimately be long waiting times depends primarily on the number of travelers. According to the federal police, a forecast is also “difficult” to make because of Corona. In light of the renewed high number of passengers, scenarios similar to those in the summer may emerge.

Düsseldorf Airport explained to 24RHEIN that it would help in all areas itself until the end of October. Students are used, among other things, in the service for “specific rerouting of passengers depending on the occupancy of the security check”. The employees also help with unloading luggage during rush hour. To ease the situation a little, there will again be early check-in from 03.00. The airlines usually only open this three hours before departure.

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Cologne/Bonn Airport: Waiting times “significantly improved” – but that should change in the autumn holidays

Waiting times at Cologne/Bonn airport have also “improved significantly” in recent weeks, an airport spokesman told 24RHEIN. Among other things, because the federal police now use another service provider for the security checks in Cologne/Bonn. For the NRW autumn holidays, however, the airport expects that “during peak traffic” there may be “longer waiting times”. This means especially the weekends. Noisy Cologne City Gazette 531,000 passengers are expected at Cologne airport during the autumn holidays, which is roughly the same number as in the summer.

According to the federal police, however, there are still many sick leaves at Cologne/Bonn Airport, which is why, in the worst case, personnel problems may arise again during the autumn holidays. The responsible security service provider will talk KStA from a “very difficult post-pandemic situation at all airports”.

However, the airport promises that it is working to “give all passengers a pleasant start to their journey without long waiting times”. The airport has not yet mentioned any specific measures. At the same time, Köln/Bonn Airport emphasizes once again that it would like to get more involved in the security check itself. (us) The content of this text was updated on 21 September. New: Passenger numbers and other details added.

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