Drone for children: 5 age-appropriate models to play with

Drone for children: These models are age-appropriate – and easy to use

There are now many child-friendly drones that are easy to control

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They whiz through the air, fly sometimes faster and sometimes slower, rise into the air and then sink back to the ground: Drones are not only enjoying increasing popularity among adults – children are also very fond of the little quadrocopters.

A so-called quadrocopter is an unmanned drone that can fly up and down, back and forth through the air using four propellers arranged side by side (working vertically downwards). There is now a large selection of different models, with and without an integrated camera – but not all of them are suitable for children. On the contrary: According to an EU implementing regulation, a minimum age of 16 applies to drones weighing more than 250 grams. In addition, these are subject to labeling and must be registered with the responsible authority. This article explains which models have been labeled as “toys” and are therefore also approved for children without registration.

These drones are suitable for children and beginners

1. This 191 gram lightweight drone for kids has three different speed levels and an altitude hold mode – that is, the quadcopter can maintain a certain altitude when flying. According to the manufacturer, the model is suitable for amateurs as well as advanced pilots. Take-off and landing are possible with the push of a button, and the mini-drone also has an emergency button so that it can be landed quickly in an emergency. The average flight time is twelve minutes, after which the model needs to be recharged.
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2. Unlike the other drones, this model with its cool motorcycle design can not only fly in the air but also glide across the ground. It has two different game modes and either starts vertically or drives straight forward, backwards or sideways. The pilot can decide for himself which tricks the minidrone should perform – such as flips and rolls. The weight is 600 grams, but the manufacturer has labeled the model as a drone for children. You can get the drone here.

3. This drone is significantly more expensive and not without reason: the quadrocopter was equipped with a camera that can be rotated 75 degrees and has a viewing angle of 120 degrees. This should make amazing landscape photos possible from the air. When fully charged, the battery can fly for a maximum of 18 minutes at a time, and this model also has a “Follow Me” mode that is GPS controlled. The drone for indoor and outdoor use weighs 222 grams and is suitable (according to the manufacturer) for children aged 14 and over. You can get the drone here.

4. Safety is a top priority with this drone: the four propellers are equipped with a robust protective cover so that your child cannot hurt himself. After the quadrocopter is turned on, it can be controlled either by hand (by approaching the drone with hands, it will fly in the opposite direction) or by using the remote control. To turn them off, simply turn the model upside down. The flight time is a maximum of 30 minutes. You can get the drone here.

5. Made of durable ABS material, this mini drone weighs 200 grams, making it legal for children under 16. It runs on batteries and can be controlled either by hand or by remote control. Thanks to the integrated infrared sensor technology, the quadrocopter should – according to the manufacturer – react faster when there are obstacles in the way. Other features of the drone include a headless mode, 360 degree turns and three speed modes. The maximum range is 50 meters away. You can get the drone here.

Important safety tips for small drone owners

To ensure that both the drone and your children do not get hurt while playing, you should observe the following safety precautions:

  • The pilot must always maintain visual contact with his drone

  • A drone must never fly over people

  • At a fully covered shell safety is increased

  • A large meadow is the ideal place to fly a drone

  • Never leave your child unattended with the drone

Note: The article was first published in August 2020.

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