wirDesign and NFT specialist license.rocks enter into a strategic partnership, wirDesign communication AG, press release

To find and implement solutions for brands on Web3, we enter into a strategic partnership with NFT and the blockchain specialist license.rocks. This collaboration combines NFT and branding expertise. Because only those who understand the brand can put together meaningful NFT services. And only those who understand the technology can use it for the success of the brand and the company. Daud Zulfacar, co-founder and CEO of license.rocks: »Brand manufacturers have the opportunity to exploit the potential of their brand differently with decentralized technologies. With new incentive systems, you can make your customers co-creators of your company.’

NFTs and blockchain provide completely new opportunities for companies and brands. But how do the company’s decision-makers assess the opportunities that lie within? Together with Civey, the pioneer in digital market and opinion research, we asked C-level decision makers from German medium-sized companies if and where they see potential in the topics of Metaverse, Web3, NFT and other future technologies*. Some of the many findings: For their own business, 20 percent of decision makers surveyed currently see NFTs as relevant for marketing purposes. However, when it comes to the impact on the respective industry as a whole, the expectation is more subdued: currently only 17% expect NFT technology to have a big impact. On the other hand, major management consultants are currently predicting enormous growth potential through the Metaverse technology in their studios and a strong influence on future ways of working and living.

We respond to these conflicting results with educational work and the offer to find out together what actually makes sense for the companies and brands – and what doesn’t. Sven Köppel, digital and marketing strategist wirDesign: »Web3 is a strategic turning point for companies, the next evolutionary step in the digital brand experience. Now is the chance to actively help shape this new era. Despite all the hype, it is important to consider the lasting effect on the brand.’

With our combined brand and technology expertise, we support companies and brands with their first steps into this new world. From idea to market launch and beyond.

More about this: https://www.wirdesign.de/marke-im-web3

*Regarding the survey methodology: Civey has for wirDesign communication AG from 24.08.2022. 500 C-level decision makers and people directly below them in companies with more than 250 employees or more than 100 million euros in sales were surveyed online until 14.09.2022. The results are representative due to citations and weightings, taking into account the statistical error between 7.7 and 8.2 percent.

About license.rocks
Berlin blockchain startup license.rocks GmbH is one of the leading providers of NFT publishing solutions for brands. Since its founding in 2017, license.rocks has used blockchain technology to protect, verify and trade ownership and license rights. Software licenses in particular emerged as the first use case for license.rocks. Meanwhile, they have expanded their scope to include license management for any digital and physical product that uses non-fungible tokens (NFT).

With its “low-code” approach, the NFT publishing technology offers individualized creation of smart contracts without programming knowledge and can be used flexibly for different industries. Merchandising items based on the NFTs can also be produced automatically in over 170 countries via a direct connection. Brand manufacturers thus have the opportunity to further exploit the potential of their brand with decentralized technologies and to use new incentive systems and collaboration models to make their customers co-creators of their company and at the same time create a bridge to the new digital world. world (metaverse).

In 2020 license.rocks was one of the top 10 startups for the German founder award and was awarded the Deep Tech Award (Cat. Blockchain) and the DIN Connect Award, among others. Companies from the music, fashion, sports, arts and culture industries rely on license.rocks solutions.

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