VR glasses design leaked ahead of reveal


Pico 4: VR glasses design leaked ahead of reveal

Image: Pico

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Update 20 September 2022:

Apparently, Pico accidentally released a new promo image of the Pico 4 on social media prematurely. It shows a rendering image of the glasses and controllers. Coincidentally because the post was subsequently deleted.

When asked about this bug, the official Pico account says it was “a test”. So the picture should be real.

The official unveiling will take place on Thursday. Image: Pico via Twitter

The VR glasses in the picture are – like the Quest Pro – as expected quite slim and also look very compact. This new form factor is made possible by particularly flat lenses, so-called pancake lenses.

Update 15 September 2022:

The global presentation is earlier and targeted the western market.

Pico introduces the new headset 22 September 202214:00 CEST.

You can follow the performance via Youtube or TikTok.

Original article:

Pico’s new VR glasses will be presented in two weeks. The device is already available for pre-order in China. The price is still a secret.

Pico 4 has appeared on the Chinese online store Taobao. There you can reserve the unit for the equivalent of 15 euros.


The price is listed at 9999 yuan, which corresponds to about 1500 euros. However, the price shown is a placeholder and will remain so September 27 announced, i.e. in just under two weeks. On this day, the new headset will most likely be unveiled.

It is unclear when the VR glasses will appear in the West. According to a Chinese analyst, the headset will launch globally in September and will be aggressively priced to compete with the Meta.

Pico 4: With two memory variants and accessories

The entrance to the online shop makes it possible to draw a number of conclusions about the product.

So the device appears there in two variants: with 128 and 256 gigabytes of memory. Meta also offers the Meta Quest 2 in these memory configurations. Accessories are also previewed, showing a face pad and carrying case.

Most interesting are the images that reveal parts of the headset’s design. According to FCC filings, the VR glasses have pancake glass installed, resulting in a narrower form factor than should be reflected in most virtual reality devices. Leaked design concepts confirmed this. Pico has also completely redesigned the controllers.

And what about the Pico 4 Pro?

Pico advertises the headset as a “new flagship”, “all-in-one machine” and consumer product.

The company, which is owned by TikTok parent Bytedance, will launch two new VR headsets at once: Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro, according to the FCC documents, with the latter additionally Face and eye tracking must offer. Pico 4 Pro is not mentioned in the online shop.

It is quite possible that Pico will wait until the Meta Quest Pro (info) is revealed on October 11th and only then introduce the Pico 4 Pro and the price. The next four weeks will be very exciting.

Sources: Taobao online listing, Twitter

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