Successful third edition of the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon in collaboration with Europe’s largest hackathon

Sunday, September 18, 2022 – The Swiss Blockchain Hackathon (SBHACK) has joined forces with Europe’s largest hackathon – HackZurich – for the first time this year, contributing two blockchain challenges. SBHACK in HackZurich was conducted by a consortium consisting of the Swiss Blockchain Federation, Trust Square, CVVC, CV Labs, SUPSI and HSLU and took place as part of the NTN Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland. The NTN Innovation Booster Program is supported by Innosuisse.

Thanks to the partnership between the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon and HackZurich, the hackers were given the opportunity to solve two blockchain-related challenges. The technology partners of the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon, Casper and Velas, each provided the technology framework for one of the following two challenges:

  • ‘Consumer-oriented utility tokens’ with Casper, who works on use cases from AXA or the Airport Zurich Challenge targeting the use of consumer tokens
  • NFT Data and Information Exploration” with Velas, focusing on use cases from Siemens for NFT energy consumption and Richemont for fake token/NFT detection.

The hackers were supported throughout the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon by the organizers from Trust Square, technology, business and experts from academia, protocols, challenge partners and external partners. This ensured that the submitted projects met the needs of the blockchain protocols and industry partners and went from proof of concept to viable projects for the next stage.

Representing SBHACK, Jose Aguinaga, Director of SBHACK Gold Partner SEBA Bank, gave an exciting and motivational speech to more than 500 attendees during the opening ceremony.

We have witnessed an important step in the integration of blockchain technology into the general technology landscape, working on an equal footing and side by side with traditional technology providers. With the positioning of the protocols and the consortium partners at the forefront of Swiss innovation and the direct contact with 1500 current and future IT experts, the hackathon proved another fact:

The logs and the hackers have shown that real-world use cases can be solved by implementing and leveraging blockchain technology. We want to support the ideas and solutions that emerged from this hackathon through various funding opportunities.

The winners of #SBHACK22 were announced at 14:00 CET Sunday 18 September 2022.

SBHACK Winners Overview

HackZurich total awards

  1. Price:


Travelers are identified quickly and securely.

Flidless eliminates the need for multiple customs and boarding pass checks by using a zero-knowledge proof of identity to confirm that the passenger’s personal data matches the flight data.

Prizes for the challenge

Casper Challenge – ‘Consumer Oriented Utility Token’

  1. Price:


A social rewards platform

Quasar is a social reward platform powered by an impact token to encourage positive behavior in everyday activities. Health is the focus of our product. When you visit our partner gyms, pools, arcades or walking areas, you can use a mobile phone to collect NFTs for the activities performed.

Velas Competition – ‘NFT Data and Information Exploration’

  1. prize (two winners)

VELASiraptors – NFT Origin Verification Tool

Found an NFT you want to buy but not sure who the creator is?
Use our validation tool based on a DAO’s token holders and buy the validation token for a small fee.

Wallet Explorer

WalletExplorer is an easy-to-use mobile app that allows users with or without crypto wallets to interact with different blockchains. Users can request information from Ethereum, Velas, Polygon, Binance about NFT transactions made from their or other addresses.

SBHACK22 at HackZurich at a glance

Date: 16.-18. September 2022

Location: Technopark in Zurich, Switzerland


HackZurich, Trust Square AG, Innovation Booster Blockchain Nation Switzerland powered by Innosuisse

SBHACK Gold Partners:


Industry and challenge partners:

AXA, Zurich Airport, Siemens, Richemont

Platform partners:

Casper Society, Velas

Local partners:


Academic partners:

SUPSI, USI, ZHAW, UZH Blockchain Center, HSLU


Media Contact Trust Square & Swiss Blockchain Hackathon:

Trust Square Ltd
Sanja Burazerovic
+41 78 695 02 44

Media Contact Blockchain Nation Switzerland:

Swiss Blockchain Association
Alexandra Hofer
+41 78 895 72 11

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