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Altair, a computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) company, introduces the updated version of its simulation software.

  • Altair released Simulation 2022.1the latest version of his simulation software
  • Activate new features more efficient, sustainable innovations and product life cycles.

Altair, a computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) company, has current version of its simulation software, Simulation 2022.1, announced. The new version enables more efficient, innovative products through the use of modern simulation, cloud-based computing and optimization for cleaner, more sustainable product life cycles. Simulation 2022.1 supports companies in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals reach. The software enables better and earlier design decisions and brings the power of open source technology closer to users around the world.

Simulation software for sustainable product design

Simulation 2022.1 brings a series updates with those who strengthen the possibilities of sustainable product design with Altair solutions. Altair Material Data Center, OptiStruct, Multiscale Designer, HyperWorks and SimLab updates help companies meet their lightweight, design, budget and regulatory goals. They also support Altair’s topology optimization, weight reduction, design certification and high-performance computing (HPC), enabling users to save resources, scale workloads and reduce project complexity while designing greener and more sustainable products.

Make informed decisions earlier

Simulation 2022.1 also helps users who Simulation earlier in the development cycle to use. As a result, they can reduce errors, save time and money, and access tools in a seamless, connected environment. This release introduced enhancements to Altair Inspire for improved design creation and optimization, and updates to Altair SimSolid for lightning-fast simulation, design scenario validation, and updates to parametric modeling.

In addition, the simulation software update expands Altair’s modeling and visualization capabilities. A new HyperWorks workflow streamlines the reduced model creation process for early conceptual optimization. Simulation 2022.1 allows users to simplify models and perform topology optimizations with faster turnaround times, enabling more design studies. Simulation 2022.1 also improves model interpretation by adding 1D functionalities.

More powerful open source technology

Industrial, R&D and educational organizations use Altair Radioss to solve complex linear and non-linear engineering problems. Now Radioss is available as an open source solver under the name OpenRadioss. OpenRadioss will bring together experts and users worldwide to make the world safer and greener.

In addition, Simulation 2022.1 brings additional open source updates. With the new UI design toolkit in Inspire allows users to assemble and modify designs with predefined objects and save them as skeleton Python code that can be further developed.

Finally, the new version of the simulation software encourages users to use Altair Exchange. This collaborative forum provides users with common areas to fine-tune models, find better scripts, optimize virtual workspaces and workflows, and more.

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