Register children at primary schools in Geldern by 30 September at the latest

Deadline until 30 September
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Parents and guardians have until the end of September to register their children at the primary schools in Geldern. The city of Geldern provides an overview of all the essential information about registration.

Parents and guardians whose children will be attending school in the summer of 2023 (born between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017) can choose which of the seven municipal elementary schools in Geldern they want to enroll their child in. They have the choice between Catholic primary schools and local public schools. The school’s management makes the decision on admission. For the 2023/24 school year, registrations will be accepted centrally at the Office for Schools and Sports in Geldern.

registration form Parents and guardians of around 350 school-aged children will receive the registration form these days, according to the Geldern city administration. This must be completed, signed and returned to the city of Geldern no later than September 30. Parents and guardians will be invited by the primary school management to an admission interview with their child in mid-November. Parents who do not receive a letter within the next few days are asked to contact the city of Geldern.

school choice Every child has the right to go to primary school at the desired type of school that is closest to their place of residence within the framework of the admission options set by the school authority. “If these are exceeded, the parents are invited to a consultation to find the best possible solution for everyone involved,” explains Helmut Holla, head of the school and sports department in the city of Geldern.

input classes At its most recent meeting, the committee for schools and further education in the city of Geldern decided on the following class formations in primary schools: at St. Adelheid, St. Luzia, St. Martini and St. Michael schools, St. Antonius and Marienschule are to be formed in two and at the Albert Schweitzer school three entry classes.

running costs Pupils’ travel expenses are reimbursed to go to the nearest school of the chosen type and form if the shortest walk between home and school is more than two kilometres. Katrin Brömel from the city of Geldern will answer further questions about school transport on 02831 398304 or by e-mail to

Montessori branch At Marienschule in Kapellen, there is a Montessori branch parallel to the existing structures. Parents and guardians from across the city can register their child there. However, there is only the right to reimbursement of travel expenses within the framework of the provisions of the school travel regulation.

full day team Meanwhile, at St. The Luzia school in Walbeck has the option of enrolling your child in the open full-day class. This means that the children must have lessons from Monday to Thursday until 14.45.

learn together “Learn together” is offered at Albert Schweitzer- and St. The Adelheid Schools. “This means that a child with special educational needs learns together with children who do not need support,” explains Helmut Holla from the city of Geldern.

repair As part of the school modernization offensive in the city of Geldern, the Michael school is currently being extensively renovated. The work started in the summer. During the modernization, which should be completed in 2024, the Michael School is temporarily housed in the high school building at Anne-Frank-Straße 1-3. City lines 2 and 5 also stop at Egmondpark, so that the children can easily get to their temporary location during the renovation. In addition, the city of Geldern has set up a free shuttle transfer with entry points at the train station, the market and the Nordwall.


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