Oktoberfest hits for kids: folk festival fun for kids at Oktoberfest

What child-friendly rides and services are there for families with children at Oktoberfest? How is a visit to the Oktoberfest with the whole family affordable? When is family day actually? What special tips are there for visiting the Oktoberfest “with family”? And what’s new in 2022? All information about “Wiesn hits for kids” can be found on the official Oktoberfest website www.oktoberfest.de and in the Oktoberfest app (www.oktoberfest.de/app).

Child Finder Bracelet
At the entrances to the Wiesn grounds, the stewards will hand out child finder bracelets. Equipped with a phone number on the bracelet, little visitors can’t get lost. The free wristbands are not only useful for parents and companions, but also popular with the children as a souvenir.

family place
Familien-Platzl, which invites you to linger away from the hustle and bustle of Straße 3 Ost, offers a barrier-free wooden floor suitable for prams and a pram garage in its own beer garden.

Here, in line with Bavarian tradition, you can also bring your own snack. Changing table, children’s toilet and microwave are also part of the service offer. As a special attraction and sound experience, Oktoberfest guests of all ages can admire an original orchestra from the 1950s. In the immediate vicinity, there is a baby flight, the “Musik-Expressen” as well as throwing and play stalls for Oktoberfest fun for the young and youngest guests. The spectacular but family-friendly virtual reality adventure roller coaster “Dr. Archibald” is located on Familien-Platzl.

Tuesday is family day
Every Tuesday 20 and 27 September until 19.00 there is a reduced ticket price, admission and snack prices. A special tip: In “Teufelsrad” (Schaustellerstrasse 3) the entrance is completely free for children on Family Day! Adults pay 3 instead of 5 euros on these days.

The old Oktoberfest
Oide Wiesn is open on the southern part of Theresienwiese. Nostalgic folk festival attractions from the classic children’s carousel to the chain flyer and swing boat can be tried out there for just one euro.

A museum tent brings the history of Oktoberfest to life. New this year is the special exhibition in the museum tent, which gives an insight behind the scenes of the ghost trains. Visitors can expect a large selection of unique and extra-spooky ghosts, facade parts and other spooky paraphernalia from the period 1947 to 1975. The treasures come from the Munich City Museum and from private collections. Besides the spirits, their location is also shown in pictures and information about their biographies is given.

This year, for the first time, children and young people can also try shillings-farthings in the museum tent’s “Humoristic Velodrome”. A recommendation comments on what happens on the road, on which the joke wheels, for example with an offset axle or with an arm pull, can be tested. The Velodrom, which was built at Wiesn from 1901 to 1962, is one of the oldest amusement parks. In the museum tent, face painting is offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as part of the free children’s program, and balloon art is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Who gets the Wiesn diploma? Anyone who answers nine questions about Oide Wiesn in a search game receives the Wiesn diploma and can look forward to a small prize.

In the Herzkasperl tent at the Oidn Wiesn, which is equally popular with young and old, there are again attractive offers for families this year, for example the puppeteer story “Wiesnräuber” at the children’s theater in Fraunhofer or the performance of the music group “Café Unterzucker”. Further information and programme: www.herzkasperlzelt.de

Not milk and honey, but soda water flows in a traditional tent. A soda fountain flows in the beer garden and invites you to a cozy snack. As a special service, there is covered parking for prams, children’s toilets, changing facilities and a
Munich Kindle figurine available for souvenir photos. The real Munich Kindl visits the children’s limousine in the traditional tent: every Wednesday at 10.00-12.00.

A special tip: Free admission to the Munich Marionette Theater At Wiesn, puppeteer Siegfried Böhmke and his ensemble present a program that changes every hour every day from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The plays “Munich in the sky”, “Brandner Kaspar looks into paradise”, “Las Vegas Show” and especially for children “Circus Kunterbunt” are shown. Reservations cannot be made. Schedule and further information: www.muema-theater.de

Oide Wiesn is open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Children up to 14 years of age have free entry. Entrance is €4 for adults, and there is free entry after

Tips for a relaxed Oktoberfest visit
If you like it cozy, you should choose the quieter days during the week for a stroll through the Oktoberfest. The morning or early afternoon is also recommended for a walk with children. The young people can also join in for a snack in the beer tent. However, legal guardians must ensure that children under the age of six – even accompanied by adults – are not allowed to stay in beer tents after Children and young people under the age of 16 may only be present on the festival site after 20:00 if they are accompanied by a guardian. You can also bring prams to the Wiesn: prams and the like are allowed on the festival grounds from Sunday to Friday until .

pram parking
You can park the buggy for 3 euros each at the luggage storage stations that can be found around the Oktoberfest site near the entrances. If you are already at the Wiesn with a stroller and want to park it for a while, there are stroller parking spaces at the Familienplatzl (Straße 3 Ost), at the museum tent and at the Tradition festival tent at the Oidn Wiesn. as at numerous rides and Oktoberfest tents.

rest areas
For all those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the Wiesn for a short time or just want to recharge their batteries for the next fun, many showman shops and their own tents offer relaxation areas with seating.

swaddling and breastfeeding
There is a changing and nursing room in the Theresienwiese service center (entrance to the fixed line), behind the Schottenhamel tent. If it is more urgent and the road to the authorities is too long, there are changing tables in tents and at numerous rides.

children’s toilets
There are even separate children’s toilets for the little Wiesn guests. These can be found on the Ferris wheel, on several children’s carousels, in the Marstall tent and in Poschner’s chicken and duck roastery.

Children (ticket) prices
Regardless of the family day, many attractions also offer cheaper children’s prices in addition to bonus cards and frequent traveler discounts. In Teufelsrad, the little Oktoberfest guests pay only 1 euro. Also in the crinoline, children who ride with an adult on family days are free.

to eat and drink
The festival tents offer Bavarian delicacies again this year for the youngest Wiesn guests. In addition to the standard tickets, there are children’s tickets with reduced prices or tickets for coloring in many small and large tents. In the Munich dumpling, for example, “Bob the Builder” and the spinach dumpling “Popeye” are on the menu. But the stands also have a lot to offer outside the tents. A special tip is the almond stand of Doris and Stefan Grill (Schaustellerstrasse 554). Here, children of kindergarten age can on family days between 10 and 14 get candies for free. From 14.00 to 18.00 there is
Candy floss then for 1 instead of 3 euros.

An overview of all the services offered at the Oktoberfest can be found in the attached file. The location of the Oktoberfest shops can be found in the official Oktoberfest app (www.oktoberfest.de/app

Oktoberfest tours
Munich Tourism offers guided tours for anyone who wants to find out background stories, historical facts and things worth knowing about the Wiesn. The guided tours can be booked at

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