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TAI-YUAN, China, 20 September 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Jineng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy”) the The Jinergy Design series of all-black modules launched: JNMM120 single-sided power generation module and JNHM120 bifacial power generation module. The products continue to use the breakthrough technologies of PERC and N-type heterojunction (HTJ) cell modules. Based on this, the company has expanded the customization service to include the black design, which can also be light weight, high pressure resistance and other specific characteristics. The products’ small size makes the application scenarios flexible and changeable and is more suitable for landscape projects such as villa roofs, canopies and urban carports, where aesthetics are paramount. The all-black module would bring a unique installation experience to the high-end decentralized module market, as it has both its excellent appearance and excellent power generation performance.

aesthetic aspects

When designing traditional decentralized modules, LCOE and efficiency are of utmost importance. But in practical application, the overall aesthetics of the residential roof and landscape project must be taken into account. Especially in Europe and other economically developed overseas markets, the “aesthetics” of the project cannot be ignored. In addition to generating green and clean energy, the PV modules also have certain properties of building materials when using decentralized modules. It must also be coordinated and coordinated throughout the building to really impress the end users of the decentralized module and push them to carry out more proactive installation measures to increase the utilization rate of the green, clean and independent low-carbon energy system.

Jinergy’s all-black modules are tailored to these requirements. These products feature an all-black integrated design with a black backplate, black power rail, black frame and black housing material. Due to the high aesthetic level, which differs from traditional modules, these products enjoy great popularity among customers with high aesthetic requirements.

Feature: low carbon content

So far, Jinergy has shipped almost 300 MW of modules to Europe. Our entire PERC range has achieved French CFP certification and is fully present on the French market. And Jinergy has seized this opportunity to win customers in Europe little by little.

“This time we bought Jinergy’s JNMM120-375 black modules with a total capacity of 3.19 MW, which we will use for our 3 kW household systems. As French customers pay particular attention to the appearance of the products, both the aesthetics and the performance of the all-black Jinergy products meet their needs,” explained Vicky Cohenthe customer who completed the first transaction of the All Black module.

Optimizing the carbon footprint has long been embedded in our product design. Our entire range of HJT products is based on N-type cell technology, and the technological processes have been simplified and optimized so that all our products are equipped with natural low-carbon properties. Based on customers’ real application needs, Jinergy pursues high standard and high requirements. In addition to ensuring high efficiency and reliable product quality, Jinergy also emphasizes low carbon throughout the entire life cycle to provide efficient and reliable, long-term and stable products with higher environmental value for end customers.

Jinergy creates product application values ​​in various dimensions, strives for constant improvement, focuses on advanced HJT technology to constantly expand differentiated module solutions, and always pays attention to the low CO2 properties of products. The diversification of Jinergy All-Black modules would facilitate the spread of their field of application within decentralized modules. Jinergy will continuously improve the product range to deliver quality products that better meet the needs of users.

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