Initiatives require more commitment, the Minister of Justice promises “as much everyday life and freedom as possible” – despite Corona

Berlin. On the occasion of World Children’s Day on Tuesday, various associations are calling for improvements for children and young people in difficult circumstances. The international children’s charity terre des hommes is calling on the federal government to quickly implement the improvements announced in the coalition agreement on family reunification for refugees. “We expect the federal government to give top priority to its promises to realize the fundamental right to family life for refugees,” said Beat Wehrle, spokesman for the board of terre des hommes on Monday in Osnabrück.

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According to current legal practice, unaccompanied minor refugees can bring their parents, but not their siblings. This kind of family separation is a strong psychological burden for many children and young people, which can have negative consequences for their further development, said Wehrle.

Both international law and the constitution oblige Germany to protect the right to a family and to prioritize the best interests of the child. In German family law, the relationship between siblings is already subject to special legal protection. It can no longer be accepted that this does not apply to siblings of unaccompanied minor refugees.

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“Your own social situation is the destiny of children and young people”

Meanwhile, Paritätische Niedersachsen pointed out the massive threat of poverty for children and young people in Lower Saxony. Constant renunciation and exclusion from social participation for every fifth child in the state is a sad reality. According to the information, around 21 percent of the approximately 1.35 million children and young people in Lower Saxony alone are already at risk of poverty. The current crisis gives reason to fear that this number will increase significantly in the coming months.

“The children must be as carefree as possible through the autumn and winter. Especially in these difficult times, children need as much everyday life and freedom as possible.”

Marco Buschmann (FDP), Federal Minister of Justice

The Paritätische and Deutscher Kinderschutzbund therefore called on politicians to take vigorous steps, regardless of the upcoming election, to support children affected by poverty and to prevent other families from slipping into poverty. “Their own social situation is the fate of children and young people,” explained Kerstin Tack, chairman of the Lower Saxony parity. “It is only with increasing age that they are gradually able to change their situation in the short and medium term.”

According to Tack, the conditions in the parental home have a lasting effect on school and educational success as well as on mental and physical health. And with it the life prospects: Only 22 percent of the children who grow up in poverty later lived a life far removed from social hardship.

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The federal Department of Justice tweeted: “Democratic politics must be measured by the well-being of children.” With a view to new corona-related restrictions for children and young people, department head Marco Buschmann (FDP) said: “There will be no school closures. The children must get through the autumn and winter as carefree as possible. Especially in these difficult times, children need so much everyday life and freedom as possible.”

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World Children’s Day is about children’s rights

What will the world look like in the future? How can it be better for children? In the chalk painting campaign “Children conquer the streets”, one of many for this year’s World Children’s Day, this must be painted on in colorful chalk images.

World Children’s Day is celebrated in various places in Germany on Tuesday. For example, in front of the Reichstag in Berlin. The motto this year is: Together for children’s rights.

Baby boom due to Corona? The birth rate increased during the pandemic

In the pandemic year 2021, 22,000 more babies were born than the year before. The birth rate has increased for the first time since 2017.

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Because World Children’s Day draws attention to children’s rights. This also includes the right to be well looked after, for example with food or in case of illness. But there are many children in the world who live with poverty, hunger or war. Some children have to leave their homes, other children have to work hard from an early age.

According to the children’s charity, children get too little attention in politics. They should have more to say. Children’s wishes should also be made visible with the chalk painting campaign on Tuesday.


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