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Viennese designer Arbesser with a new collection in Milan


Fashion in a gallery between art objects, pictures and furniture: the Viennese designer Arthur Arbesser impresses again with the choice of an unusual location for his new fashion collection during Milan fashion week. Next Saturday he will present his creations for the summer of 2023 in an elegant modern art gallery in the city centre.

“I chose this art gallery because of its cozy atmosphere. I wanted to present my creations in a smaller, closed space, reminiscent of a home. Of course, an art gallery is much better than an industrial hall or an open space, which we have chosen recent years,’ said the 38-year-old designer in an interview with APA.

For his summer collection, he chose a lot of colors and prints with different motifs that he created himself. In addition to fashion, Arbesser is also dedicated to a new branch of the market, namely interior design. Table linen and furniture can also be seen in the presentation.

In contrast to previous years, Arbesser has chosen a smaller and more concentrated collection. “We present 60 creations that are fresh and have a strong artistic touch, which suits the gallery. We are a small independent fashion brand: big fashion shows are expensive and outdated for a small brand like ours. A big fashion show does that. bring a lot of resonance in one day, but with a packed fashion calendar like Milan Fashion Week, it doesn’t make sense to organize a big parade because of the cost,” says the Vienna native.

For the ninth year in a row, Arbesser presents his creations in Milan. “During these years I have worked very deliberately and purposefully with my name and the character of my fashion has consolidated. It has now gained more recognition value. We are an independent brand that focuses on the highest quality and is internationally respected. In these years we have continued and our handwriting has become more refined,” says Arbesser, who continues to commute between Milan and Vienna.

While he is still fine-tuning the final details of his presentation, he does not lose sight of his other interests, such as making stage costumes for the opera. For example, he is working on the interior design of a Rossini opera for 2023. In early summer, Arbesser also launched his own small furniture collection “In a Box” for the first time. At the same time, the Austrian furniture manufacturer Wittmann presented a new textile collection of exclusive carpets and fabrics, created in collaboration with Arbesser.

In October, the designer stages selected haute couture from Heidi Goëss-Horten’s collection in the museum of the Heidi Horten collection in Vienna’s first district. The focus is on fashion, the dominant model of the zeitgeist, society and its change.

As an independent fashion designer, Arbesser observes with a certain distance the colorful Milanese fashion world, which is in a difficult phase, also due to the high energy prices, which have a negative impact on production costs. “International fashion is experiencing a confused situation. Some brands present themselves in a very commercial way and want to please the customer. The prices of fabrics and crafts have increased incredibly. Due to the energy crisis, costs are much higher than a year ago, but the consumer does not want , that fashion spends even more money,’ analyzed Arbesser.

“The situation is complicated for the fashion world. As a niche brand, we can still control expenses. When you are small, you are much more agile than big companies, you can always look for more flexible solutions,” said the designer.

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