NFT Signals is partnering with Beastlike ahead of the release of a highly anticipated NFT collection

Successful NFT trading signal provider NFT Signals announces a new interesting collaboration on. The information service, which claims its customers are already making a profit 50 million dollars recently announced a partnership with NFT project Beastlike.

Beastlike offers a NFT collection based on 10 year old game idea Shonobi tribe based. This was never published, but is now offered as a unique NFT collection. In this way will the unique nature of the project is utilized to improve user experience and engagement in the Beastlike universe. present no comparable NFT collection offered, making the Beastlike project a unique opportunity to invest in an exclusive NFT collection.

The Beastlike team has painstakingly managed to create one innovative and artistic masterpiece to create that will fascinate both collectors and investors.

Added value through rarity

Most fantasy-based NFT decks rely on a single base character. However, the Beastlike NFT collection was based on 50 different characters build up. Each of the 50 “Beastlike” animal breeds and the 10 elemental tribes combine individually, creating a unique collection of 30,000 piecesg has arisen.

All the hallmarks of a fantasy series come together in the Beastlike NFT collection, including different armor, weapons, tribes and facial features. With a wide selection of individual NFTs becomes a great variety of grades possible and increases the attractiveness of the collection for players and collectors.

Due to the large variety of characters, it is possible to offer eight different rarity levels. It will 23,000 standard NFTs used and only 5 as secret graded beat NFTs.

A cross-platform and ground-breaking NFT collection

However, one characteristic particularly sets the Beastlike NFT collection apart. Gamers aren’t just for it rarity of the individual interested characters. You would like to include the individual figures if possible many fantasy games and thus create a unique identity. This user experience can only be offered when you play characters in various board games or fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons Can be used.

The Beastlike development team is currently working on the implementation of the NFTs to also use them as 3D avatars to use in many different games.

Beastlike – an old story told in a whole new way!

When introducing a new NFT collection, it’s not just about the rarity or concept of each NFT. The project must have one exciting and captivating story tell if the collection is to be successful and to capture as many players and collectors as possible.

Beastlike can also convince in this category. The story of the characters is based on a 3,000 year old story. Unlike other exciting fantasy stories, new sequels are not continuously offered based on the progress of the last episode. The Beastlike story timeline begins in center and spreads into past and future out.

So from the story behind Beastlike, it can be said that it there is nothing comparable.

The collaboration between Beastlike and NFT Signals offers a lot of potential

The partnership between the two successful teams opens up many new opportunities. Beastlike can take advantage of the range of NFT signals that get the opportunity to participate in one of the most wanted new releases to participate in NFT fundraisers of the last months. In return, the beast-like society 15% discount offered on all NFT Signals products.

The NFT Signal community also benefits from the collaboration. It will 100 whitelist places offered for the Beastlike collection consisting of 50 ancient animal species consists of and consists of 30,000 unique NFTs composed.

Beastlike minting starts September 19th

Minting of the Beastlike collection starts on September 19, with each NFT on public sale for 0.09 ETH offered. Whitelist members can purchase the NFTs at a price of 0.05 ETH acquire.

NFT Signal and the Beastlike team will soon announce the partnership on their respective social channels.


Here is the complete information about the Beastlike NFTs:

  • Total supply: 30,000 Price: WL: 0.05 ETH,
  • Public sale: from 0.09 ETH
  • Coin Date: September 19, 2022 Time: 9am(EST) – 11pm(JST)
  • Public Sale: September 20, 2022 Time: 9:00 AM (EST) – 11:00 PM (JST)

Commenting on the partnership and the upcoming release of the NFT collection, Beastlike’s spokesperson said:

“NFT Signals does a great job for its community by making the values ​​of the NFT sector accessible. As a premium NFT collection, we are happy to partner with a VIP service like NFT Signals. We like the way NFT Signal works hard to keep its community safe and informed while collecting and trading unique and valuable art.”

Darnell McWilliams, Director of Marketing at NFT Signals, stated: “We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Beastlike and are excited about their revolutionary new approach to the NFT space. We look forward to welcoming members of the Beastlike community to our world-class trading service.”

About Beastlike

Beastlike is a revolutionary NFT project. As opposed to a simple digital token, the team created an open virtual world inhabited by 50 ancient animal breeds that can be assigned to 10 different elemental tribes.

All artwork in this NFT collection is unique. In the first phase, 30,000 unique animal NFTs will be released from 20 different breeds, each with their different armor, fur, weapons and facial expressions to create a unique collection that is second to none.

Owners of a Beastlike NFT not only get a unique piece of art to call their own, they become part of a unique community. Beastlike will not just offer any NFT, it will create an innovative brand and thus revolutionize the market.

The Beastlike platform is designed to constantly expand and work with multiple platforms. This includes an RPG, graphic novel, betting platform, digital currency, membership club and more.

Beastlike online





About NFT signals

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NFT signals

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The number of signals is subject to market conditions and members are encouraged to use signals responsibly. The services are designed to be flexible so that each member can decide for himself which signals to use and how much to invest in the transactions.

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