Greens call for “children first”, relieve families

It spills out onto pastures. It’s raining cats and dogs when the Greens get off the bus. On-site visit to a forest nursery. Not all MPs are properly dressed for rain and forest, but all smile bravely. The children in the forest kindergarten, on the other hand, are in a good mood and are wrapped up to be rainproof and get a snack under the roof between two construction vehicles.

The two parliamentary group leaders, Katharina Schulze and Ludwig Hartmann, immediately sit down with the children on the wooden bench and talk. The visit to the forest was an opportunity for the Greens to gather a few practical impressions. “We want to know what you need. What specific demands you have for the politicians.” And Stephan Müller, CEO of the Learning Campus, steps in: “Everyone wants good childcare, more care, but tell us where people have to come from for it.” Everyone played a request concert, says Müller. But the social professions lacked the instruments for that.

The Greens promise to follow up on the issue. Concepts for education, fair pay and fair childcare conditions would need to be developed

Looking forward to 2023

A good year before the state election, it is clear: The Greens are already in the middle of campaign mode. Words like “next year then” or “when we next year” keep popping up. Symbolically, the two faction leaders hammer together wooden pegs in the forest. For the morning circle of forest kindergarten children.

Later, back in the dry conference room, the Greens present their concept for how they will strengthen children and young people and relieve families.

support for families

Low-income households and families must receive money from an emergency fund if they cannot afford additional payments for oil and gas. Bayern should provide 200 million euros for this in the next budget. Children and young people up to the age of 18 can use buses and trains for free. It is also planned that from first to seventh grade the expenses for school trips must be fully covered. In addition, an additional examination has been planned for each school child in order to uncover any deficiencies more quickly.

Input from Berlin

The concept presentation is followed by the second exam day. Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus has come to Weiden in the Upper Palatinate from Berlin. Group leader Schulze is visibly proud: A lot happens in the report on children and youth policy. This is shown by the basic child safety or KiTa quality law. Now it’s a matter of discussing how the federal and state governments can support children and their families even better.

right to political participation

From the point of view of the Greens in Landdagen, children and young people must be heard much more. As part of our society, their needs are too often ignored, says Katharina Schulze. Therefore, they must have the right to political participation and be allowed to speak. The Greens are calling for a youth check that must apply to all legislative projects in the Free State. Any law, Schulze explains, should be checked to see if and what effects it has on children and young people.

The other pedagogical force in the classroom

The Greens are also discussing which measures should ensure more equal opportunities. The idea is another pedagogical force in all primary and middle school classes. In light of the current teacher shortage, this is an ambitious programme, Hartmann acknowledges. Social workers, occupational therapists and school psychologists could also join the classes. According to Hartmann, it should not matter whether the mother is a dentist or the father works in the renovation.

Next week at Grønne’s party conference, the Schulze-Hartmann leadership duo will be chosen as the new leading candidate team. Next step for the state election in 2023.

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