Vienna Design Week 2022: Many program highlights in Mariahilf

What exactly is design? This almost philosophical question would Vienna Design Week answer enough with: “It’s everywhere”. On September 15, the biggest design festival starts its next round and this year will be in not just one, but three festival centres.

We were allowed to do that in advance “GAS”, “GSTÄTTN” and “Vault” Visit and see the varied offer. One thing quickly becomes clear: design also plays an important role in addition to consumption. Topics such as sustainability, innovation and neighborhood come first.

News: Aperitivo bar, shop & Ikea collaboration

The sustainability aspect is particularly important in “ALLEY” see you. In the Vienna apartment building, you are immediately greeted by the light panels by Johannes Rass, which wave you as signposts in the direction of the other installations. What immediately catches your eye: a larger-than-life sculpture made from Ikea plastic tables. She points to the festival’s surprise exhibition, located in an apartment on the first floor: “Celebrate life at home – 45 years of democratic design in Austria”.

In the premises furnished by Ikea, however, it is not only about a feeling of coziness, but also about manifesting the Swedish furniture brand’s cultural influence. That virtually all of those who looked at the site came across pieces they have at home says a lot.

The project is also interesting “Floating House” by artist Natalia Gurova. During the workshops, the participants deal with constantly changing exhibitions. However, these are by no means abstract: furniture patterns are developed that aim to express economic, social or political restrictions. For the first time in the festival’s history, a Shop and aperitif bar as a meeting place for artists and guests.

Instead of parking cars earlier, park in the third festival headquarters, the “Vault”now projects of all kinds. You can smell one thing from afar: It “Instant Noodle Repair Cafe”. Frenchmen Pierre Castignola and Diego Faivre serve the well-known ready-made pasta, wearing funny pasta hats, thus offering a platform for innovative ideas. You can think better with a full stomach!

The format is culinary “Urban Food & Design” continue, which is run jointly with the Vienna Business Agency for the fifth time in a row. Creative professionals meet the food industry directly to put their sustainable ideas into practice in the right place.

Buy, repair, exchange – repeat

For example, Theresa Imre, founder of the digital farmers’ market markta, and Studio Jutta Goessl have developed a circular packaging concept that invites to keep and reuse.

In the same spirit “Dare to share and bear, Mariahüf!” by Alexandra Fruhstorfer and Nina Sandino. They host a traveler every day of the festival clothes swap party between Westbahnhof and MuseumsQuartier. Some bring unloved parts, others use the warehouse. And above all, there is the question: How can I escape the fast fashion cycle and still use fashion as a form of expression of my personality?

Walk the Passionswege

Away from the festival headquarters, the audience strolls along the so-called Passionswege. Vienna’s craft businesses invites you to get to know the products that they have designed together with designers: be it a stenter set with matching lowes (Saint Charles pharmacy) or everyday objects from the workshop of the family business Luster Bakalowits. There are many treasures to discover!

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