After Bill Murray’s NFT Auction: Hackers Steal Ethereum Donation Funds | 15/09/22

• “Beer With Bill Murray” sold for $185,000 at a fundraising auction

• Shortly after the auction, a hacker emptied Murray’s wallet of donations to Chive Charities

• Another auctioneer donated the same amount directly so Chive Charities didn’t walk away empty-handed

Hackers keep stealing cryptocurrencies and NFTs – sometimes stealing very large sums. It also happened to the actor and comedian Bill Murray, who auctioned off one of his NFTs for donation purposes at the end of August: a few hours after the auction, his wallet was emptied by a fraudster. However, Murray’s cyber security team was able to repel large parts of the cyber attack and limit the damage.

“Beer With Bill Murray” fetches $185,000 at auction

On August 31, CoinDesk reported that Bill Murray auctioned his NFT “Beer With Bill Murray” in a fundraising auction for as much as 119.2 ETH (about $185,000). Six interested parties competed to bid, with proceeds going to the non-profit organization Chive Charities. Two days later, the next news came: hackers stole a whopping 119.2 ETH from Murray’s wallet just a few hours after the auction. According to Etherscan and Murray’s cybersecurity team, the hackers also tried to steal the actor’s private NFTs, but were unsuccessful. The team ran a script that automatically transferred the artwork — including CryptoPunks and Cool Cats — to a Safehouse wallet. Around 800 NFTs from Murray’s “Bill Murray 1000” fundraiser could also be secured from the hackers via various other safehouse wallets. The team is now in contact with the police and the crypto analysis company Chainalysis to find the culprit(s).

Despite the theft, a donation to Chive Charities is inevitable

Project Venkman, a partner in the auction, confirmed the theft via Twitter. In fact, the cyberattack on Murray’s wallet does not mean that the donation to Chive Charities will not be forthcoming: according to CoinDesk, one of the winners of the auction, Coinbase user Mishap72, directly donated 120 ETH (about 187,000 US dollars) to the organization to make up for the missing funds, Chive Charities themselves have launched a fundraising campaign on gofundme, which as of mid-September has already raised over $37,000 in donations – over $25,000 of which in less than 24 hours.

All proceeds from the “Bill Murray 1000” will be donated to Chive Charities

“Beer With Bill Murray” is part of a collection of a total of 1,000 NFTs created by Bill Murray in collaboration with Coinbase, the artist behind it is Daniel Grizzle. The cheapest of the 82 NFTs published so far cost 11 ETH (around US$10,000), “Beer With Bill Murray” was auctioned off at the Brant Boresma donation auction. Murray is now allowed to go out and drink beer with Bill Murray, and Grizzle will paint the two of them during their meeting. The image then also becomes the property of the NFT buyer.


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Additional Murray NFTs are set to be auctioned off in additional fundraising auctions in the coming months. According to the website for the NFT fundraiser (“Bill Murray 1000”), 100 percent of the cryptos collected from the sale will be donated to the Chive Charity. The organization supports people with particularly rare diseases, first responders and war veterans.


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