You better not tell these 3 secrets to your boss

Even if the relationship with your manager is based on trust, it’s better if you don’t reveal everything about yourself right away. This can otherwise give you disadvantages, especially in the job interview. We show you which little and big secrets you should keep to yourself and when is the right time to share them in one conversation with to chief get rid of.

Secrets from the boss: Small miracles can be kept secret

If you’re in the middle of the application process or have been accepted to start a new job, you probably don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that. Unfortunately, it is still the case today that women between the ages of 20 and 35 are hired less often because many companies fear pregnancy. Since this initially unfounded assumption can have fatal consequences for many women, there are rules about whether hide a possible pregnancy from the boss able to.

The General Equality Act reveals that women must lie if asked about an existing pregnancy or desire to have children. Then statements like “I will not comment on that.” contains a message, women are allowed to lie without fear of consequences.

You are not obliged to inform your boss about your pregnancy. Photo: Pexels / Matilda Wormwood

At this point you should have a conversation with the boss

When it comes to pregnancy, there comes a time when it can no longer be kept a secret. As a general rule, there is no time after which you must tell us about your pregnancy. Of course, you also have to remember that it is organizational matters in connection with your pregnancy for the company. For example, maternity leave must be planned, and a substitute must be found for you.

There are also some benefits for you. According to section 17 of the Maternity Protection Act, subsection 1, you cannot be dismissed during pregnancy, up to four months after a spontaneous abortion after the 12th week of pregnancy and four months after the birth. But if your boss didn’t know about the pregnancy and fired you, you only have two weeks to submit this information. So don’t keep the secret too long.

You should also keep these little secrets first

There are other secrets you should keep until it is truly ruled out or you are safe. You can now find out what it’s all about and when to request an interview with your boss.

1. Internal applications

If you want to change jobs in the company, you should think carefully when you tell your boss. If you do it too early, it may that he/she is trying to talk you out of it. If you don’t tell them until after you’ve applied, it could ruin your relationship permanently.

2nd wedding

You should also keep an upcoming wedding or engagement to yourself at first. Because in this case too, some have superstitions and think it is better to start planning children today than tomorrow. So don’t ask to speak until the wedding is close. Then things like the change in the tax level, the new surname and the upcoming honeymoon must be discussed.

bohemian wedding
You shouldn’t come out too early with a wedding either. Photo: Getty Images/marvel visuals

3. Termination

Termination is also a difficult subject. First of all, you must be absolutely sure that you want to end the employment relationship. No one can help you with this decision and no one should talk you into it. Ask to speak to your boss first, when your decision is made. But then it is important to lay all your cards on the table and leave the company sensibly.

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Conclusion: think carefully about when to talk to your boss

As you can see, when to talk to your boss matters a lot. Doing it too soon can put you at a disadvantage, and doing it too late can damage trust. As a starting point, you probably know best how to treat your boss and when it’s time to reveal small and big secrets.

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