New solutions for more design and less CO2, ROWA GROUP Holding GmbH, press release

Known as a compounding expert in technical plastics, ROMIRA has been offering and expanding an innovative portfolio of solutions for several years. The combination of the color expertise from the CCC (Color Competence Center) and the competence in plastic formulation has led to the possibility of the aesthetic surfaces being further developed compared to the existing ones.

Solutions based on CRE.ACTIVE Design IN MOLD COLOR and in combination with functionality are the answers to current market challenges, where the technical requirements such as special mechanical properties, chemical and weather resistance are also met. Instead of having to compromise, the CRE.ACTIVE design approach makes it possible to make the following elements compatible: – Innovative design – Reduction of CO22– footprint – cost reduction – reusability


IN MOLD COLOR solutions allow countless and innovative design possibilities: the CRE.ACTIVE design portfolio includes technical plastics in colors with a deep effect on high-gloss surfaces, with a matte effect on smooth or structured surfaces and with a metallic effect, soft touch or ceramic feel.

A combination of surfaces with high gloss, grainy, laser textured areas can be created on the same part with just one tool. The CRE.ACTIVE design provides a variety of design options, while significantly saving energy and costs compared to the use of multiple tools and subsequent surface treatment such as painting.

The reduction of CO2-Footprints are a current and common challenge for all sectors. Various ways are possible to achieve this goal – the CRE.ACTIVE Design IN MOLD COLOR solutions offer several at once, as they optimize the entire process: after injection molding, no additional processes are required for the decoration of parts, transport and energy costs are lower and fewer raw materials for – so the finished product has a significantly lower CO2footprint than a conventionally produced one.

Because no additional colored paints are used, the reusability of the IN MOLD COLOR solutions provides additional benefits as a source of resources and for a closed material cycle.

CRE.ACTIVE Design – Functional properties without surface treatment

Another contribution from ROMIRA to CO2-Reduction with the IN MOLD COLOR solutions is the functionalization of the surface of the part through appropriate modification in the connection without further treatment of the finished part. For example, the use of tribologically functionalized compounds represents a cost-effective, reusable and permanent solution in contrast to the time-consuming work of anti-squeak paint or manual application of anti-squeak tape to the contact points, thus avoiding the use of lubricants. In addition, the use of these additional anti-squeak agents makes recycling more difficult or impossible.

ROMIRA has worked successfully for several years on the development of tribological connections for automotive construction and offers solutions where direct contact between components is unavoidable due to design conditions. Such is the innovative ROMILOY® and ROTEC® Compounds such as B. based on ABS; PC+ABS; PC+ASA, PA and PBT are developed to achieve the tribological effects, especially when using plastic parts even after long-term curing at high temperatures against PA compounds with mineral or glass reinforcement, but also artificial leather as a friction partner.

From the range of successful applications, problem solutions with tribological connections from ROMIRA can be mentioned here, as they are used in folding consoles, armrests, door locks, sliding rails, ashtrays, switches, door support bars, height adjustments, belt areas, sliding roof elements and joint connections.

In terms of wear, these compounds also offer an advantage over material solutions with PTFE additives, which have a lower surface quality and are exposed to higher wear in endurance tests: parts made from ROMIRA compounds are characterized by very good wear resistance and long-term durability properties and require no additional surface treatment.

Thus, the CRE.ACTIVE design solutions from ROMIRA, whether they are only IN MOLD COLOR or with integrated functionality, make a significant contribution to improving CO2balance ROMIRA is proud to have already achieved several commercial applications with the CRE.ACTIVE design solution. The exhibition team is looking forward to presenting CRE at the upcoming K-fair. ACTIVE design solutions in Hall 8A, Stand B28.

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