Innovations, design, functions and seats

ICE L is set to set new standards at Deutsche Bahn. It brings with it numerous innovations and new features. Now the train was presented in Berlin.

With ICE L on German train (DB) heralds a new era. The new train will gradually replace the Intercity carriages, which are up to 50 years old. The new touring car was presented in Berlin on Wednesday. Exciting innovations that should characterize future train journeys were discussed.

ICE L: Innovations due to the low floor – access at ground level is possible

The name already gives an indication of one of the most important innovations of the ICE L. The L stands for the English term “low floor”, which roughly translates to “Niederflur” in German. The low-floor technology is characterized by particularly low floors in the interior. This technology is also used on the ICE L, creating level access for all travelers. This is a great relief, especially for passengers with heavy suitcases, bicycles and prams, as well as for travelers in wheelchairs.

“The stepless entrance to the ICE L sets new standards,” said Michael Peterson, DB board member for passenger transport, at the presentation of the new bus. So far, with the exception of ICE 2, boarding and alighting on DB trains has not been barrier-free. Most long-distance trains even have to climb steep stairs.

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The first ICE L trains are scheduled to run in 2024

The ICE L is to be added to Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed fleet from 2024. The state-owned company has the cars produced by Spanish train manufacturer Talgo. Gonzalo Urquijo Fernández des Araoz, CEO of the Iberian company, traveled to Berlin to present the ICE L to present the first finished car with Peterson. The multi-billion dollar deal, which was agreed at the beginning of 2019, is of great importance to both DB and Targo. Deutsche Bahn breaks new ground: For the first time, Siemens is not involved in the manufacture of an ICE. The German supplier currently produces the ICE 3 neo and ICE 4 in Krefeld.

There are already initial problems with the production of the ICE L. Originally, 23 trains for 550 million euros were to be delivered in 2023 for the first order. However, Talgo will only be able to deliver the touring cars, which are built in Bilbao and Madrid, from October 2024. The Spanish company cites the corona pandemic as the reason for the delay, with many employees working from home.

After completion, the ICE L will initially run on the Berlin – Amsterdam route. As a result, the trains will also be used on tourist routes to Oberstdorf and Sild from 2026. ICE L is 256 meters long and has a top speed of 230 km/h. A train consists of 17 carriages, including a multi-system locomotive and a control carriage. ICE L gets a total of 562 seats. 477 of them in 2nd class and 85 in 1st class.

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A car of the new model at the presentation of the new ICE L.

Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka, dpa

ICE L: Innovations, functions, design and seats in the interior

“With the new interior design of the ICE, for the first time there is a living room atmosphere on the rails,” enthused Peterson at the presentation of the ICE L. a real-time passenger information system, a restaurant car and completely newly developed seats. Around the seats there are also practical helpers such as coat racks, extra storage space and tablet holders.

WiFi is said to be powerful and there are some charging options for electronic devices. The use of mobile devices must be easier with new functions, and valuables can always be kept within reach. In addition, a more comfortable journey is the goal of the ICE L.

The interior design is based on new colours, less leather and new materials. The use of real leather, which is criticized, should be halved. A generous use of wood is intended to create a cozy atmosphere.

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ICE L: Innovations, functions and values ​​at a glance

  • Commissioning: Expected end of 2024
  • Top speed: 230 km/h
  • 17 travel car
  • Length: 256 metres
  • Low-floor technology for entry into the ground surface
  • New design and new functions in the interior
  • Newly developed seats

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