ICE L from Deutsche Bahn – what does the new train change for travelers?

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Anyone who goes on vacation by train wants to get to their destination not only quickly, but also comfortably. A new type of train from Deutsche Bahn, the ICE L, will encourage more travelers to use the train in the future.

ICE L is going to popular holiday destinations

From October 2024, ICE L will travel to popular holiday destinations such as Amsterdam, Sylt and Oberstdorf in the Allgäu, replacing the aging intercity trains. The first trains will run on the route Berlin – Amsterdam. In 2026, the trains will also run on the tourist routes to Sild and Oberstdorf.

How fast does the ICE L go?

The new trains can travel at up to 230 kilometers per hour. For example, the travel time between Berlin and Amsterdam should be reduced by around 30 minutes to 5:50 hours, according to DB.

However, according to Spanish manufacturer Talgo, the ICE L can be upgraded to high-speed trains of up to 300 km/h if required. This is already done in Spain for the local state railway Renfe, which operates on high-speed routes such as between Madrid and Barcelona.

What’s new in ICE L?

The 255 meter long and 425 ton trains have 562 seats spread over 17 carriages. They are divided into 85 first class seats and 477 second class seats.

Even getting into the ICE L should be much more comfortable. Heavy suitcases or prams no longer have to be lifted up the stairs, and it is also easier for people in wheelchairs to travel on DB.

Because it will be the first ICE Stepless and level entry and exit be. For the first time, wheelchair users can get in and out without outside help. “L” stands for the English term “low floor”, according to Deutsche Bahn.

Getting on and off the ICE L is barrier-free.

To Bicycles more space is created in ICE L: there must be eight parking spaces per trains, these are still completely missing in the older ICE.

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New design in ICE L

In the individual carriages, many things should become more modern: The seat cover will henceforth be in flat fabric without pile, cover will be blue in second class and gray in first class.

Deutsche Bahn presents the first carriage of the new ICE L from the Spanish manufacturer Talgo. Here: second class.

The next generation of seats has received a new one seat kinematics, where the backrest and head area can be moved backwards into a resting position. The second class double seats are based on a bench and put together, but can still be adjusted individually. First class seats have wider seat, back and head cushions.