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  • Understanding crypto mining and crypto mining market
  • Give examples and mineable coins
  • Optimizing mining returns
  • Ideal location for your miners

Understanding crypto mining and crypto mining market

The cheapest access to cryptomining can already be implemented by purchasing a fast graphics card. An RTX 3070 or faster and a standard PC is enough here. However, the margins have become very small in the meantime and with the exploded electricity prices in Germany, the return is alarmingly low.

Professional crypto mining currently starts at around 5,000 euros net. These are high-performance servers, so-called ASICs, which are specially made for mining a cryptocurrency.

ASICs are impressively efficient and at the same time tuned for the maximum hash rate. Antminer E9 replaces almost 40 RTX 3070 graphics cards with only a third of the power consumption.

The crypto market has its own rules and therefore the purchase price of an ASIC is closely linked to the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency it mines. Therefore, you will not normally find any binding prices on the internet, but very often the information that concrete prices can be obtained on request. Here, of course, there are also shops that initially offer a low price and then later ask for a higher fee.

Give examples and mineable coins

At the moment you have 4 options for an investment of 5,000 euros (we leave out the units that do not make sense in this article):

  • Bitcoin mining with a return of around 1.8% per month
  • Ethereum mining (including the option to switch to Ethereum Classic) with a return of about 6.4% per month
  • Nervos Mining with a return of around 3.1% per month
  • Handshake mining with a return of around 2.6% per month

Important here: Hosting in the US was always calculated, which means: electricity prices from 11.5 øre and a hosting fee of 10% of the profit. Installation, cooling, update or other costs no longer apply, except for repairs.

Optimizing mining returns

Here, of course, there are also many adjustment screws for how you can get even more out of your investment.

The first and biggest option is to find a place where your miners are run carefully and where the electricity is as cheap as possible.

The other option is to choose the miners themselves. The more you invest, the greater the selection of miners and at the same time the purchase prices decrease. We often combine our customers’ purchases with a bulk order, which gives it that extra sparkle.

The third option is automatic interest on the proceeds. There are different approaches to this, and each additional profit also comes with an additional risk.

There are a few more options, but they depend on the situation. We are happy to review each option with you before you buy.

Ideal location for your miners

At first glance, finding a suitable location for your miners might not sound that difficult. After delivery, however, it quickly becomes clear that it is not that easy after all. Even a single miner can make noise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The second sticking point is the high temperature development. The little rascals constantly blow out hot air and not too little. 500 sq m3/h is here quickly – per miner!

Yes, and the third glaring point is the price of electricity. Crypto mining could still be operated in Germany until the beginning of 2022, but the exploding electricity prices put a big screw in the works. Only the operation of your own solar or wind power plant still makes sense and only to a limited extent (night storage or online purchase, etc.)

We have shipped our farms from Germany to the USA and offer our customers the opportunity to establish their miners in our mining operations.

This is called miner hosting.

The wonderful thing about this is that we also run our own crypto miners in each farm and it is in our own deep interest that mining runs perfectly. Nothing is worse than miners standing and not working.

Another big plus is that over 75% of our US mining operations are already powered by alternative energy.

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