Einstein Marathon 2022: Start times, route directions and registration: All information about the children’s and youth races

On Saturday, it’s time again: The children’s and youth races 2022 start in the Donaustadion. They traditionally take place a week before the main race, the Einstein Marathon, in Ulm. When it starts and what you need to know about the runs:

When are the start times for the children’s and youth races?

  • 10.00: Start of Minis born in 2017 and younger (approx. 400 m – Sport Sohn Mini-Marathon). The five runs are divided according to animal symbols, the kindergarten children run together.
  • 11.10: Start handcyclists (approx. 400 m/1200 m/1600 m)
  • 11.30: Start of 2016 girls (approx. 800 m) – finish time: 10 minutes
  • 11.30 start for girls with disabilities (no age limit) (approx. 800 m) – finish time: 10 minutes
  • 11.45: Start class 2016 boys (approx. 800 m)
  • 11.45: Start boys with disabilities (no age limit) (approx. 800 m)
  • 12:00: Start of the 2015 class for girls (approx. 800 m)
  • 12.15: Start class 2015 boys (approx. 800 m)
  • 12.30: Start class 2014 girls (approx. 1200 m)
  • 12.45: Start class 2014 boys (approx. 1200 m)
  • 13.00 and 13.15: Start of the 2013 class for girls
  • 13.30 and 13.45: Start of the 2013 boys’ class
  • 14.00: Start class 2012 girls (approx. 1500 m)
  • 14.00: Start for girls with disabilities (no age limit) (approx. 1500 m) – finish time: 15 minutes
  • 14.15: Start class 2012 boys (approx. 1500 m)
  • 14.15: Start for boys with disabilities (no age limit) (approx. 1500 m) – finish time: 15 minutes
  • 14.30: Start class 2011 girls (approx. 1500 m)
  • 14.45: Start class 2011 boys (approx. 1500 m)
  • 15.00: Start of the 2010 class for girls (approx. 1500 m)
  • 15.15: Start class 2010 boys (approx. 1500 m)
  • 15.30: Start class 2009 girls (approx. 1500 m)
  • 15.45: Start class 2009 boys (approx. 1500 m)
  • approx. 16:00: award ceremony for the 1500 m races
  • 16.00: Start of the 2007 + 2008 classes for girls and boys (approx. 2500 m)
  • 16.00: Start of the 2005 + 2006 classes for girls and boys (approx. 2500 m)
  • 16.00: Start of the 2003 + 2004 classes for girls and boys (approx. 2500 m)
  • approx. 16.30: prize-giving race 2500 m

Where can I get the starting documents?

The starting documents can be collected on Saturday from 9 o’clock one hour before the start at the main entrance of the Donaustadion.

I forgot to log in! What now?

Late registration is possible up to one hour before the start. The fee is 3 euros for individual registrations and 2 euros for group registrations in addition to the entrance fee. The full amount is paid in cash at the post-registration desk at the Donaustadion (VIP tent). There is no right to a participant shirt in case of late registration.

Registration fees for single registrations with late registration:

  • KNAX minimarathon: late registration: 10 euros
  • Teva youth race: 11 euros
  • Häussler handcycle race: 11 euros
  • Runners with disabilities: post-registration: 11 euros

Class/group registration for post-registration:

  • KNAX mini marathon: 7 euros
  • Teva youth race: 8 euros
  • Häussler handcycle race: 8 euros
  • Runners with disabilities: 8 euros

What should I pay attention to during the run?

Only runners with an official starting number and confirmation of registration for the children’s and youth races have the right to participate. The start number must be worn clearly visible and unchanged on the front of the running shirt and must not be passed on. The organizer assumes no responsibility for accidents, theft, health damage or other damages.

How is my time measured?

The time is measured using an electronic chip from Abavent. The chip is on the back of the starting number, for handcyclists the chip is attached separately to the handcycle. The starting number must be worn on the chest. Without the chip, time is not measured. The handbikers must return the chip after the race, but this does not apply to the runners.

How do I get to Donau Stadium?

Public transport

  • Lines 1 and 6 go directly to the “Donaustadion” stop.
  • On the day of the event, the start number or participant information and confirmation of registration with the DING combination ticket logo is valid as a ticket in the DING transport association.
  • Teachers or tutors can use the email with the DING combi ticket logo as a ticket.
  • For helpers, the name on the helper information applies as a ticket.
  • All guests over the age of 18 must bring a valid photo ID.

Arrival by car

  • Parking is available at Volksfestparkplatz.

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