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Dortmund vs Schalke. Schalke vs Dortmund. Territory derby. The game for millions of fans.

After Schalke’s relegation in 2021, there was a long season without a derby – POTT NIGHTMARE!

Saturday is finally, finally, finally that time again. 15.30, Westfalenstadion, yellow-black against blue-white, BVB against S04. For the 99th time!

And with SPORT BILD you can get into the derby mood in a way that has never been seen before.

Why is?

For the 99th Pott-Derby, BILD and STARENA (a marketplace for digital collectibles) are giving football fans the chance to get their hands on Pott-Derby history in the unusual form of six historic BILD newspaper articles. Of course, you don’t just buy a copy of the respective newspaper page. No, each of these six pages was translated into an elaborate 3D animation and converted into a so-called NFT (exact explanation in the next question). Fans can buy these for just 5 euros each – however, the edition is limited: the year of the respective derby defines how many copies there are. So in the 2017 duel there were 2017 copies, in the 1966 derby there was 1966. Being quick is worth it.

What exactly is an NFT?

An NFT (short for “non-fungible token”; dt. something like: “non-replaceable object”) is a kind of digital certificate of authenticity to distinguish between an original and a copy of a work of art created on the computer. There can be any number of identical copies of the item, but only the one with the certificate can be considered the original – similar to Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night, which anyone can hang as a wall calendar at home, even if they have the original image – the only valuable one – owner does not. This certificate is stored in the blockchain, a kind of tamper-proof directory on the Internet.

Why are the digital trading cards from Pott-Derby so appealing?

Because you can experience this very special football match in a completely new way. So far, fans have collected tickets, stickers or autographs. From now on, digital collectibles will be added. And in this particular case the chance to win several great prizes. Guaranteed with every (!) NFT you get: At least one month of BILDplus (incl. video highlights of every Bundesliga and second division match immediately after the final whistle) and a BildBet voucher (applies to new customers only) for a free bet on the derby. You also have the chance to win limited prizes such as VIP tickets to the derby, signed shirts from both clubs – and the opportunity to ask legends from both clubs (Weidenfeller & Lincoln) questions.

What are the six historic derbies?

BVB – S04 7: 0 (26.2.1966): The highest BVB win against Schalke.

BVB – S04 1: 1 (06.9.1969): When a dog bites Schalke’s Friedel Rausch on the bottom.

BVB – S04 2: 2 (19.12.1997): The first goalkeeper goal in the Bundesliga! Jens Lehmann makes himself immortal at Schalke.

BVB – S04 0: 4 (23.9.2000): Andy Möller’s first game against former club BVB. Mocked by the fans as a “crybaby”, but in the end he and Schalke celebrate.

BVB – S04 3: 0 (28.2.2015): Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Marco Reus cheer as Batman & Robin. Derby pictures for eternity.

BVB – S04 4: 4 (25.11.2017): Dortmund leads 4:0, in an incredible second half Schalke shoots and heads to 4:4.

How do I pay for Derby NFTs?

Among other things, you can pay by credit card, PayPal or direct debit.

Can I get rich with the Derby NFTs?

Not out of the question! Because: NFTs can be bought or sold on online marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible or Zora to the highest bidder or at a fixed price. A digital artwork (“Everydays” by Beeple) was auctioned in 2021 for about $69 million. This cannot of course be guaranteed.

Where can I store the NFT after purchase?

On your smartphone! After the purchase, the NFT is stored in your so-called wallet. Don’t worry, it’s child’s play, you will receive the wallet automatically when you register on STARENA.


Good luck – and unforgettable Pott memories!

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