Autumn’s best lawn fertilizer from Substral, Compo and Co.

The best lawn fertilizers in comparison

Our selection consists of both organic and mineral autumn lawn fertilizers. Organic fertilizer consists mainly of natural plant or animal materials. The nutrients in the fertilizer are bound in the organic compounds. Organic fertilizers include, for example, manure, compost and horn shavings.

But also mineral autumn lawn fertilizer can be used and ensures dense turf. In the case of mineral fertilizers, the nutrients are present in inorganic or mineral form. They are obtained by physical or industrial chemical processes.

The composition of the fertilizer is important, especially the ratio between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is denoted by the abbreviation NPK and presented in the form “5-3-9”.

The environmentally friendly price tip: Organic autumn lawn fertilizer from Plantura

This autumn lawn fertilizer from Plantura is suitable for any garden lover who uses organic fertilizers for lawn care and wants to do something good for the soil. The autumn fertilizer consists of 100 percent natural and animal-free ingredients. In addition, care is taken during production to save resources.

For the three-month long-term effect, this lawn fertilizer uses granules, which release the nutrients slowly and in the necessary quantities to the soil and grass. Particularly practical: The manufacturer indicates both the exact dosage and the setting for ordinary spreaders. That way you achieve the right effect for your garden. The NPK ratio is “5-1-9”.

The manufacturer recommends fertilizing with this product from July to October. With the organic additives, you not only do something good for your lawn, but also for your soil. Here you get a good fertilizer at a good price.

Price-performance tip: Neudorff Azet organic autumn fertiliser

The organic lawn fertilizer from Neudorff ensures a strong lawn in autumn and winter with immediate effect, because the high potassium content is ideal for the harsh autumn and winter months. The nitrogen in the fertilizer has a long-term effect, which ensures a dense and green lawn next spring. The NPK ratio is “7-3-10”.

This organic fertilizer is converted by microorganisms in the soil. In this way, the nutrients are made available to the lawn slowly and over a longer period of time. Like all organic fertilizers, the fertilizer promotes soil life with valuable organic substances.

The lawn fertilizer is gentle and can therefore be easily spread over lawns where children and pets frolic. The manufacturer recommends fertilizing in September or October. 50 grams of fertilizer is enough for about one square meter of lawn.

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