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| Tobias Seifried

| 13/09/2022

The Upper Austrian has secured the coveted prize at national level with an innovative computer mouse.

The James Dyson Award (JDA) is one of the most coveted awards among young researchers. Created by British cordless vacuum cleaner and air purifier pioneer James Dyson, the award has been presented annually since 2005 and is open to students (or recent university graduates) in engineering, product design and industrial design. This year there were more than 2,000 entries from 30 countries. A national winner will be selected in each country hosting the award. This is now fixed in Austria. The international freestyle, where the state winners fight for prize money of 33,000 euros, follows later.

Innovative computer mouse

In Austria, Simon Hochleitner from Gmunden won the James Dyson Award 2022 this year for the development of an innovative computer mouse and can look forward to prize money of 5,800 euros. The new PC accessories are intended to prevent health problems that are primarily caused by one-sided movements when working on the computer. In the future, numerous PC users worldwide can benefit from the invention of the 25-year-old scientist.

Orbit Mouse © Dyson

The Upper Austrian is completing his master’s degree in industrial design at the FH Joanneum in Graz and has already received the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. He has now also won the national JDA for his innovative PC mouse concept. The so-called Orbit PC mouse is intended to prevent typical RSI complaints and health problems caused by unilateral movements when working at a desk. The purpose of the device is to integrate an effective preventive and strengthening exercise into the work itself in a natural way.

JDA 2022 Orbit MouseOrbit Mouse © Dyson

How it works

The inventor describes how it works as follows: “By using the resistance of the three resistance bands, users automatically shift their input from the wrist and forearm muscles to the muscles of the back, trunk and rotator cuff, minimizing the strain on sensitive areas and strengthening these muscles groups responsible for upright posture. In addition, the system offers constant movement and effective training during long periods of sitting, thus stimulating the cardiovascular system, which in turn provides increased concentration and performance.”

The joystick version, also developed by Hochleitner, is designed to keep the arm in its natural resting position, thereby reducing stress and enabling simple and comfortable operation regardless of hand size. The input unit also has a touch capacitive ring on top, which replaces the traditional scroll wheel and can be rotated with the thumb without stopping, which should also reduce the strain on the wrist – while increasing functionality and control.

JDA 2022 Orbit MouseHochhauser has also developed an ergonomic joystick © Dyson

All criteria for the award met to a great extent

“I am delighted that my project has been selected. The James Dyson Award is a great way for aspiring designers and problem solvers from around the world to be recognized and rewarded for innovative solutions. I hope that through my project, the topic of Health in the workplace will more attention and other people are inspired to deal with today’s relevant topic!”, says Simon Hochleitner.

Jury member Eberhard Schrempf, managing director of Creative Industries Styria: “Orbit Mouse meets all the criteria of the award to a large extent, because the design follows an innovative concept and offers a good and plausible solution that combines innovative technology with good design leads for high added value.”

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