Stacking Rate: The Rise of the Bitcoin Savings Plan

The year 2022 is a turning point in the crypto world. After the recent explosion in crypto prices in 2021, many newcomers learned the hard way how quickly prices can crash. LUNA, APE or AXS – the hype tokens disappointed their buyers with declines of up to 100 percent. Therefore, a reconsideration is currently taking place. Instead of playing in the altcoin casino, more and more people want to bet on the historically most stable, safest and largest crypto-asset in the world: Bitcoin.

Investing in Bitcoin is all about the long-term perspective. True BTC devotees do not want to get rich overnight, but want to invest in an asset over a long period of time that is neutral, limitless and limited in quantity. The easiest way to smartly invest in the rarest digital commodity, Bitcoin, over time is with a savings plan. The Graz-based bitcoin specialist Coinfinity offers one of the best bitcoin savings plans in the industry. Whether daily, weekly or monthly: With Coinfinity you can regularly invest amounts from 21 euros in BTC at the desired interval. Bitcoins are then automatically sent to your own wallet and not stored elsewhere. To do this, you let Coinfinity know your own wallet address and BTC is always automatically sent there.

“Not your keys, not your coins! Our users’ control over their own bitcoins is our top creed,” says Max Tertinegg, CEO of Coinfinity. “That’s why we make it very easy to invest in Bitcoin with our savings plan. For us, it is not about Altcoin gambling, but long-term investment in the most exciting asset in the world.” With the Coinfinity savings plan, users are in full control. You can change or pause the savings amount yourself at any time in the standing order, you do not need to change anything else in the Coinfinity account. It is also possible to make additional one-off payments to the savings plan at any time, simply by specifying the same reference when making the transfer.

Coinfinity: Why We’ve Been Building on Bitcoin for 8 Years

Take advantage of the cost averaging effect

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts rely on a savings plan because it has many advantages over a one-time Bitcoin investment. On the one hand, even small investors who have little money at their disposal can build long-term assets in Bitcoin. And on the other hand, a savings plan eliminates the difficult question of when is the best time to start. A bitcoin savings plan reduces the impact of price fluctuations on your bitcoin investment because you regularly buy bitcoin for the same dollar amount, regardless of the current market price.

This allows you to take advantage of the so-called cost averaging effect. This indicates that you can reduce market volatility by investing smaller amounts at many different times. The Bitcoin price curve can often fluctuate wildly, but the cost-averaging effect flattens your investment curve.

An example: if you had started investing 50 euros per week in Bitcoin three years ago, you would have invested almost 8,000 euros in BTC today. Despite the many ups and downs in the BTC price, today the investment would be worth almost 11,000 euros with a gain of almost 40 percent – regardless of the market crash in 2022. That beats any rate of inflation.


Your keys, your coins

Another lesson from 2022: Some centralized players in the crypto industry are simply untrustworthy. There are millions of users who were no longer able to access their crypto assets in Celsius, Voyager or Vauld after the crash because the companies went bankrupt. Therefore, Coinfinity relies on the principle “Your Keys, Your Coins” and recommends users to link their Bitcoin savings plan to their own wallet.

If you don’t have your own wallet yet, you can get one at Coinfinity. Together with Staatsdruckerei, Coinfinity has developed Card Wallet – a highly secure storage option for Bitcoin, which as an offline wallet and cold storage solution is a secure storage option for BTC. So: Leave the altcoin casino on the side and focus on stacking bet!

Card Wallet: The secure Bitcoin wallet from Coinfinity and Staatsdruckerei is launched

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