Singen: Journey to other worlds: The Singen cultural sites announce a rich program for the Museum Night

19 locations in Singen alone, a seven-hour long program and all with free admission: the Hegau Schaffhausen Museum Night has a lot to offer again this year. In Singen, the program was presented at a press conference in the MAC museum’s sky lounge. Head of the culture department, Catharina Scheufele, presented the song program with participating artists. “Museum Night is lively and young this year – fitting for our city of Singen,” said Scheufele.

Opening at the town hall square

At 5 p.m., Mayor Bernd Häusler opens the Museum Night on Rathausplatz with musical accompaniment. Free raffle tickets will be awarded in advance to win a ride in the featured vintage cars in the following drawing. 18.00 the museum’s wheeled vehicles travel in a convoy via Hauptstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse to August-Ruf-Strasse. The vehicles from the 1920s to the 1980s present car culture in all its facets.

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In line with this, Museum Art and Cars (MAC) opens its doors and shows the fascinating relationship between cars, architecture and art in over 4000 square meters of exhibition space. The current exhibition “Dolce Vita” in MAC 1 brings together works by artists from the Südwestdeutsche Kunststiftung together with selected vehicles from the collection of the Italian classic car collector Corrado Lopresto. The exhibition entitled Metamorphoses with works by Margit Vischer-King can be seen in the gallery.

24 large-format and colorful works by painters from Singen will be exhibited in the city garden. In addition to tours of the site, the cello ensemble from the youth music school in Singen will show their skills at 6.45pm and 8.45pm.

A butterfly in size XXL

The media artist Markus Brenner repeatedly takes up socially relevant themes and transforms them into colour, light and sound installations. Under the title “The big fluttering one”, visitors to the beautiful city park meet a giant butterfly, which is projected onto a large screen. Those interested can climb into the picture and give themselves wings. Several times in the evening, dancers from the ballet school “Die Färbe” illustrate a synthesis between reality and fantasy.

“The museum night is lively and young this year – in line with our city Singen.” Head of the cultural office Catharina Scheufele | Image: Uta Krauss

The students from the Radolfzell Fashion and Design Vocational College, under the direction of teacher Isabel Schwarz and art mediator Helena Vayhinger, present in the evening outfits made from recycled material in the town hall square. Her motto is to shake up the environment with punk fashion and start communication on relevant topics. In addition to the fashion shows at 19:30 and 21:30 in the town hall square, ideas and materials from the students can also be found in the Vayhinger Gallery.

Intercultural project encourages participation and reflection

Kunstverein Singen presents itself in the foyer of the art museum and invites you to a break with refreshing drinks. In addition to a limited edition of upcycling bags and pencil cases from previous exhibitions, the members provide an overview of the association and the individual activities. The artist Axel Reinhard Böhme developed the art project “Our Brain” before and for Museum Night. Here, people with and without a migration background come together to establish a common network. Literature and music are not neglected in the city’s library. The duo Bittergreen and the lecturer and moderator Rudolf Guckelsberger invite you on an emotional journey through the world of thoughts in your head.

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The Hegau Museum in Singen Castle, right next to the town hall, focuses its activities on the Museum Night in the early Middle Ages, according to its own press release. The hidden stories of the archaeological objects should be brought to life. Early medieval craft techniques are also on display – and visitors can even make their own souvenir from the early Middle Ages.

Culture creates identity and stimulates discourse. During Museum Night you can find inspiration in many different ways. In addition to museum educational offers in the archaeological Hegau Museum, tours and awarding of the photo competition in the art museum as well as organ concerts in the Peter and Paul Church, there are many other art venues where you can enjoy the museum evening with family and friends to the fullest.

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