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Ludwig Wiemer, Axel Pfeffer, Gerda Weigel-Greilich, Angelika Nailor and Tim Wilhelm and Julian Lange (from left) from Clean up Walk are looking forward to the children’s festival on Sunday. © Oliver Schepp

After a two-year break, there is another big festival on World Children’s Day in Wieseckaue city park on Sunday. Förderverein Garten-Stadt Gießen invited around 30 initiatives to participate. Serious issues should also be addressed.

World Children’s Day is celebrated throughout Germany every year in September. This year’s motto is “Together for children’s rights”. The German Children’s Fund and Unicef ​​Germany are calling on the federal, state and local authorities, but also society as a whole, to take a more consistent look at children’s rights. From the point of view of children’s rights organisations, it must be done together with children and young people. It is the only way to implement the children’s rights laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and thus create a more child-friendly country. Especially during the corona pandemic, children were hardly heard and their concerns were often ignored. The demand from the children’s charity is: “The children’s needs must be taken into account in everyday life. Children must have a say in matters that affect them. To achieve this, children’s rights must finally be anchored in the constitution.’

Children’s festival for the sixth time

World Children’s Day actually takes place on September 20, and numerous nationwide initiatives with demonstrations, festivals and events will draw attention to the plight of children. In Giessen, children and young people are already in focus on Sunday 18 September. On this day, the Förderverein Garten-Stadt Gießen invites together with the city, the association’s volunteering and numerous initiatives to a big festival for World Children’s Day in the Stadtpark Wieseckaue after a two-year Corona break. The sixth edition begins at 12 o’clock and runs until 6 p.m. In the years before the pandemic, there were often up to 10,000 visitors to the park.

The organizers led by city council member Gerda Weigel-Greilich, Angelika Nailor and Ludwig Wiemer from the volunteer association and Axel Pfeffer, chairman of the association, put together 31 program items. The association forms the organizational framework, and the festival is full of life from the initiatives at the stations that are distributed throughout the park.

On Sunday, the offerings will range from making music with the Hansa marching band to having fun with the clown doctors and Ichmael the clown, from sports to quick stacking, from kite making to skill and self-defense games for children. Although the program is slightly smaller compared to previous years, the organizers have managed to create a diverse one that also presents some completely new things. These include the watering can museum and safety training for children. “We don’t just want to build bouncy castles, we also want to address topics that are important to children,” says Axel Pfeffer. This is how you would like to combine education and fun. He aims, among other things, against the offer of dental care for young people, but also against the many information stands on child protection topics. For the first time, the Hessian daycare parents will be involved with advice, networking and information on parental involvement. “The festival must be something for the children, but the parents must also have the opportunity to find out about the offers for children and young people. We think that’s a good combination,’ explains Gerda Weigel-Greilich.

Combine education and fun

The voluntary association also participates with the cleanliness sponsors children and the green angels and also offers manpower to make the event possible. “It is incredibly important to us that the festival continues after the break and that children’s rights are brought to attention,” says Angelika Nailor.

As early as Saturday 17 September from 2 p.m., the park will be prepared for the festival by participants in a clean-up walk. The voluntary initiative’s large clean-up campaign arose in collaboration with the cleaning sponsors.

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