Versatile housing series from 80 euros

Fractal Design is launching a range of new cases with the Pop series. But compared to models from the Define, Meshify or Torrent series, the price starts at 80 euros. But the main focus is on the versatile range of sizes and colours. Perhaps the perfect choice for a slightly cheaper gaming PC?

Hold on tight, because Fractal brings the pop series directly in 20 varieties on the market. Therefore, we will first give you an overview of the entire series. The main focus of the pop series is on the midi towers which Air and Silent model. As the name already suggests, it is on the one hand an airflow box with a mesh grid and on the other hand an insulated case with a focus on low volume.

Spoiled for choice: Which pop should it be?

Both cases are available as “Solid” with steel side panels or in the “TG” version with clear tint glass on the left side – each in either black or white. Fractal offers a larger XL version for more space and a mini model for building compact systems.

Really colourful, we could also say “pop”, but it only gets really colorful first RGB models of Fractal Design Pop Air and its colorful interior. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a total of six color variants, including med blue, green or purple “core”. But what does the pop series really have to offer?

The midi towers can Motherboards up to the ATX form factor accommodate. If you want to use an E-ATX board, you should go for the larger Pop XL. Pop Mini for Mini-ITX boards is ideal for compact systems. As is now customary, the interior is divided into two areas. The power supply and storage drives disappear under one cover.

Nice gimmick: hidden compartment for gadgets

Talking about storage drives, there are various installation options available to you here. Even in Fractal Design Pop Mini you can two 3.5″ and two 2.5″ drives accommodate. The highlight: The lower part of the front is removable (holds magnetically), there is a small one behind Space to hide gadgets or tools. If you don’t need it and don’t want two drives in the back, you can alternatively accommodate two 5.25″ optical drives here (rare these days).

Images: Fractal Design

For cooling, Fractal relies on itself Aspect fan (max. 1,200 rpm)which we already have as an RGB variant from Lumen AiO water cooling or that Meshify 2 RGB know. In both the Pop Mini and the “normal” Pop there are always three 120 mm fans pre-installed (1x rear, 2x front). The XL version even gets 3x 120 mm fans at the front. While you can also accommodate additional fans in the lid of the Pop Air, the Pop Silent remains with these three fan openings. There are still dust filters in both houses in the important positions. Visit the Fractal website for more details on fan and radiator options.

Other features:

  • Front panel with 2x USB 3.0, 2x 3.5 mm jack, 1x on/off button with LED, 1x RGB button (RGB models only) – USB-C is optional
  • CPU cooler up to max. 170 mm (max. 185 mm for XL)
  • power adapter up to max. 170 mm (max. 150 mm for Mini, max. 205 mm for XL)
  • GPU up to max. 405 mm (max. 340 mm in Mini, max. 455 mm in XL)

Prices and availability

The Fractal Design Pop case series is now available in stores. It is priced at 79.99 euros recommended price for Pop Silent takes place, both as Solid or TG. the common one Pop Air costs 84.99 euros Guidance price over the counter, the brightly colored ones RGB variants cost 94.99 euros Guidance price.

The less fractal design Pop Mini starts at 84.99 euros Indicative price, an RGB upgrade also costs 10 euros more here. By Pop XL starts at 105.99 euros Guidance price loose, with colorful lighting, the house costs 114.99 euros Guide price. If you want, you can also equip the front panel of the housing with a USB-C connection – that Upgrade kit costs 9.99 euros Guidance price.


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