The mother of four shows the chaos in her household on TikTok

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‘I know it’s bad’: mum-of-four reveals unvarnished chaos in her household

A little insight into her household that Brianna James gives on TikTok

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Many parents should be able to sympathize with this: Brianna Jones, mother of four, is very open about the mess that reigns in her house on TikTok. The videos encourage her as much as the viewers.

Brianna James is a mother of four – and anyone who has children of their own knows what that means: disorder, chaos and often overwhelmed. The offspring between one and seven years are often difficult to control and leave a battlefield in their wake. But while many families try to hide it from outsiders as best they can, the 31-year-old from the US state of Georgia is very open about it.

James regularly posts videos on his TikTok account that show family life in a very unadorned way. Her dining room and kitchen can be seen in one clip, with trash, towels and laundry lying in both rooms. James explained to the chaos that she had the flu for four days. “I know it’s bad,” she wrote. Nevertheless, she does not shy away from showing the public this very realistic side of everyday family life.


my accountability check to see if I can clean my dining room and kitchen 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 it’s bad I know

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With four children, chaos is normal

James says the social media videos are meant to remind her to clean up the mess. At the same time, she wants to show that this kind of situation with a husband, four children and four pets in the household can hardly be avoided: “I would like people who are not in the same situation to understand that it is normal as long as you gaining weight. not taking long-term care and living with it,” she told Good Morning America. “And I want to show people who are in the same situation that they are not alone.”

In fact, Brianna James receives numerous encouraging and appreciative comments on her videos. “It’s normal and okay,” writes another mother. “It calms me down,” someone commented. Her videos showing the chaos in the house have been viewed millions of times. James was even inspired by it for her username on TikTok: “themessymama” is her name there, “messy mom”.

“I just want to be honest and real and show that it’s okay not to do everything,” she said on Good Morning America. It’s also about not neglecting your children over the household chores: “I could clean around the clock and miss time with the children. Or I can leave the dirty dishes for a day and play with my children.” A dilemma that many parents are constantly confronted with.

TikTok as motivation to clean up

In the case of Brianna James, she also suffers from mental health issues, as she told “Insider”: “I’ve always struggled with depression. Some days I’m just trying to keep the kids alive.” Posting the suffering in her house on TikTok has had two positive effects for her in this regard. On the one hand, she has now found a community of mothers who have the same experiences.

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Second, she posted the first video primarily as a motivation for herself: “I knew: If I show everyone how dirty it is, I’ll show everyone later how nice it is afterward.” And the little trick worked. “Since posting the videos on TikTok, my house is cleaner than ever.”

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