Representatives of the special service for children, young people and families in the city of Salzgitter were there

Since 2017, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) has been funding low-threshold services with the federal program “Kita-Einstieg: Build Bridges in Early Education”, which prepares and supports access to day care. and remove obstacles. The successful approaches and structures of the “Kita-Einstieg” should also be maintained beyond the program period. On this occasion, the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs invited all coordinating and network forces, municipal decision-makers from the participating municipalities as well as state representatives and associations to Berlin for a follow-up conference.

Employees from the municipal special service for children, young people and families also participated in the conference

Lisa Kabisch, Coordination and Network Office for Daycare Entry in the City of Salzgitter, and Nicole Palm, City Youth Welfare Planner, also attended the conference, as the City of Salzgitter has also been involved in the federal program “Kita Entry: Building Bridges in Early Education” since 2017 “. As part of the federal program, since 2017, ten playgroups for children have been established in cooperation with independent organizations. These playgroups are mostly located in the daycare centers of the cooperative daycare centers and serve to prepare children for a successful start in daycare or school. Language support initiatives, parent talks and offers aimed at promoting motor and cognitive skills are used to prepare children who have not yet attended a regular daycare or nursery for integration into a regular childcare group.

Parents also have the opportunity to get information about the subject of upbringing and the upbringing and education system in Germany from the group leaders and educational specialists through daycare starter playgroups in which their children participate. In addition to supporting children, the playgroups also act as a place for information and advice. Of the 269 families cared for through 2020, 136 stated that they had a Syrian migration background. In most cases, these families came to Germany as part of the flight movement from 2015 onwards. The playgroups with a total capacity of 117 places are currently preparing for the arrival of Ukrainian refugee children. An expansion of the number of playgroups with up to five more groups is planned, depending on the immigration situation.

Federal Minister for Family Affairs on the federal program

Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus praised the work of the federal program: “It is important to me that all children have a good start. This includes good day care. Good childcare means early education. And early education is key to equal opportunity – especially for children growing up in poverty. That is why my ministry finances the “Kita-Einstieg” programme. It is a great success: thanks to the dedicated work of the specialists and the wide range of services, more than 13,000 children have found their way to the day care. We have boosted our program. With their wealth of experience and their local networks, the individual locations are well positioned to continue and consolidate the offerings.”

At the conference, coordination and network offices reported on the successes they had achieved in “Kita-Einstieg”, presented consolidation strategies and discussed them with decision-makers at the federal, state and local levels. The federal program “Kita-Einstieg” started the last program phase in 2022 and now focuses entirely on consolidating the experience gained, the developed offers and the structures established in the municipalities in the long term.

Success in Salzgitter

The first successes have already been achieved in Salzgitter. In many cases, children in need of support at the start of day care were identified early on by the educational supervision, and the parents received help to deal with the increased demands of their children. By the end of 2022, the federal program will have reached around 550 children in Salzgitter on a permanent basis.

Further information and insight into the implementation of the federal program “Kita-Einstieg” is available on the website (Opens in a new tab).

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